We are always making choices in our lives.  Each choice eventual comes down to choosing between love or fear.  You could think of these choices as being the difference between expansion and freedom or contraction and limitation.

Minute by minute throughout your day you can choose love. Love allows you to expand into your Wholeness and experience the wonder of who you are.  As you make choices throughout your day, why not choose the one that makes you feel light and free, why not choose love. Thanks for choosing! Much love Linda



We have been hearing about all the changes that 2012 will bring.  I think there will be quite a few.  The changes will come from a deep opening to your heart.  As you open to your heart, you open to yourself and the fullness of who you are as a spiritual being.  You gradually come to understand that you are a magnificent being of love and light in a human body.  A human body you created.

We awaken. In this awakening we will find that we are all part of Source, and we will come to understand that we are co-creating what we see before our very eyes.  This is the fruit of our power.  We are shifting our consciousness to engage in our full ability to create.  First, create love for ourselves and then we can share that love with the world. Thanks for reading! Much love!! Linda



Compassion is a long word that can be simplified into a short word, caring.  Compassion is when we open our hearts in caring, and we are able to honor ourselves and others.  First we allow caring for ourselves.  We learn to honor ourselves and hold ourselves in caring and kindness.  As our love for ourselves deepens, so does our connection and expression of our Divinity.  We become open to our Divine Union. As we express that Union in the world, we express our caring for all creation, we express our compassion.

A daily act of caring and kindness toward ourselves is a small step. That small step grows to embracing yourself and then the world.  Loving yourself is free but it is the most valuable gift you have to give! Thanks for reading! Much love Linda