more thoughts on love and joy


This post is a continuation of the last blog. My guides wrote more over the next few days.

The idea of a smile moving you into joy is an important one. The human body is constructed for a couple of things. It is the vessel for the spiritual energy, it is itself spiritual energy. It is also a transmitter and receiver of vibrations.

Each part of the human form is designed with this type of ability. Each vibration is designed to move the whole in a direction. Until now the vibrations have been rather crude emotions. Emotions which are not harmonious. We would suggest by focusing on joy, you will move your groups into a place of harmony.

The chaos that abounds now is a distraction from taking a step into harmony. We would again suggest the vibration to focus on is joy. This is a holographic vibration as we discuss. As such even vibrating the slightest bit of joy produces the whole vibration.

Find things that make you smile. Find things that make your heart glad. Then you will be holding the vibration of joy and putting that vibration into your world as an organizing factor.

The underlying vibration of each person is unconditional love. This love is their Divine center. The supporting energy or vibration for that love is joy. When you maintain the vibration of joy you not only support yourself, you support and enhance the Divinity deep within yourself. You create a pathway for that Divinity, Divine love, Divine light to come up within you and shine forth to light your way and to shine a guiding light for all you encounter.

Finding your joy it is the key to your Divine center and your Divine center is your key to joy. It is all one just as each of you are part of the All .

Thanks for being Joyful and finding your loving center! Much love and joy! Linda


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love and joy


Valentine’s day my Angelic guides wrote to me about love. They introduced over the next few days the understanding that love and joy are holographic in nature. They went on to outline how love and joy work together. Here are a couple excerpts from their channelings.

This day you celebrate all about love. On your planet, there is much discussion about love and what it means. Yet it has still many meanings. Each person holds in their heart an understanding of love. What it means to them.

It is time to expand that understanding. Love looks on all and all things with soft eyes. It does not judge, it may wish something more for you but it sees the whole of you, all of who you are. It is time to see yourselves with the same soft eyes and wish for more for yourselves.

When you think of yourself within a holographic world, each little bit of love expressed contains all the parts of the fullest love or unconditional love.

Unconditional love knows no bounds. It has no edges. It has no limits. When unconditional love is expressed it is the fullest expression of Divinity. It does not matter who or how the love is expressed, Divinity pours through the expression and expands into the world.

So, we go back to the idea of expressing love with some limits attached. And even with the limits the holograph presented is the full unconditional expression of love. This is why each expression of love is important. The whole will always be present even when only a part is expressed.

I will post the rest of their discussion in a few days. Until then Thanks for loving and finding joy moment to moment! Lots of love and joy, Linda


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deeper love


Nora Herold in her monthly channeling of the Pleiadeans talked about how we are going to be stepping into new rolls. These rolls will put us in the position of guides and teachers to our fellow earth friends. In this morning’s channeling, my angelic friends had the following to say:

Each of you are moving into a new phase. You are now in a position to hold love for yourself and because you are able to do that, you can open and show others how to love themselves. Loving yourself is an on-going theme for each of you. You came to this earth to bring love and joy, you have persevered and have been successful many ways your whole life. This is now opening and you will start to emit love and joy in greater and greater ways. This may not become a public life but you will have an impactful life.

Thanks for sharing your love and joy with the world! Happy Valentine’s Day! Much love and much chocolate! Linda


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