let your love! let your joy!


Now in the chaotic world more than ever finding and loving both yourself and other is so important. Loving lets you be part of the fabric of life. It is the unifying energy underlying everything. If we open our hearts to the love that is within us and share it with ourselves and the world, we are helping to create a world that is filled with that love, not fear.

My angelic guides continued the discussion of love and joy:

Let joy fill your heart and lead the love that you are into your world!

Choose how you want your world to be. Choose from love and joy and you will begin to create love and joy. Choose from fear and anger and you will create more fear and anger.

The Divine heart that you are holds no judgement and creates as you wish. Engage your Divine heart and allow your heart to bring you your desire. Desire is a driving factor in your world. Rather than desire a thing, try to desire a vibration such as love, joy, peace or any number of other vibrations. As you hold these vibrations, they will bubble up inside of you and awaken your heart center. As your Divine center opens and responds to the vibration it treats it as a request for creation. Then your heart begins to bring you that very vibration.

Thanks for vibrating love and joy!! I send you lots of love and lots of joy too! Linda

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