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The angels were talking with me the other day and they reminded me about Joy!

Joy is an inside job! Once you let a little of that joy out of your secret hiding place, it allows joy to become free in the world. Nature loves to reflect your joy back to you. This allows you to bring more of your joy forward and to start an unending cycle of joy being manifest in large and small ways! Thanks for being Joyful! Much love, Linda

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Many of you may be feeling the intensity of the energy of late! We are building to the winter solstice in December. A while ago my guides suggested that this solstice was of equal or more importance than the 2012 winter solstice. The 2012 solstice imparted a large amount of information about human kind and its place in the Universe. This solstice is going (it has already started by the way) to make available more information about your true nature.

I have been telling you for a while that you are Divine. Each and every one of you, even those who don’t read this kind of stuff. It has been an intellectual exercise. The information is now moving from the head mind into the heart mind. With this movement and understand comes a recognition of this information on a level that is deep and very personal.

As the emotions arise around the information coming to you, be kind and accepting of yourself. Honor your feelings. This is a time for receiving yourself, your deep Divine self. This self has never left you and you are awakening again to its presence.

My guides wanted to say a few words:

We send you our love and blessing. You are on an amazing journey and we, as well as your own guides, totally support you in this process. Be patient with your changes. You will change as is appropriate for you as spirit and your physical body. We will tell you there will be great JOY for you and for all of us when you awaken to the whole of you! Many blessings, much joy and lots of love!

From me as well. Lots of Joy and Love and Wonder! Linda

© 2014 All rights reserved for this an all photographs and posted in this blog.