natural joy!

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The angels were talking with me the other day and they reminded me about Joy!

Joy is an inside job! Once you let a little of that joy out of your secret hiding place, it allows joy to become free in the world. Nature loves to reflect your joy back to you. This allows you to bring more of your joy forward and to start an unending cycle of joy being manifest in large and small ways! Thanks for being Joyful! Much love, Linda

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angels of your heart

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Angels are a part of creation, just as you are. In every heart there is an angel that waits for you to remember them. Sink into your heart and embrace the angel that awaits you there.  Thanks for reading! Much love Linda

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be an angel


Angles have a single message for the world, love. Be an angel and let that be your message.



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To be a messenger of love, you need to understand that love is who you are.  As you dig deep into who you are, you can find that treasure, your love. It is a treasure that is infinite, all yours and yours to share. The more you share the treasure of your love, the more love you have.


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In good company!

Most who will read this blog will be interested in spirit and the great changes that we are moving through.  The short pieces that are offered here are collaboration with my guides.  I hope they inspire you as they inspire me.  Thanks for reading!

ImageWe live in union with all creation, large and small, seen and unseen.  Angels are a part of Creation.  We live side by side with angels.

Angels have a very special place on earth.  They are here to inspire and hold us in our journeys.  We move though life with angels at our sides. They are with us when we are joyful and with us when we are not. We are held in their love and feel their special presence on earth through that love.

Angels constantly remind us that we are love.  They remind us that we are here to express love, first to ourselves and then to the world.  The love you are here to express is not sentimental love but a love that knows no bounds. We love because that is who we are.  A rose will open to become a rose; a human in bloom has a heart that is open, loving. The beauty of the love that radiates from an open heart is limitless and breathe taking.  It extends outward from the heart and engages all that it touches.  It is in the engaging that the unity of life is expressed.  It is in the giving and receiving of love that we are reminded of our union with the Creator.

Our angel friends are here to help and guide us. They are ready at our request. We can start working with them in small ways. One little step at a time, opening our hearts. You will find they are wonderful friends and playmates!  Much Love! Linda

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