you are sacred

One night about a year ago my guides wrote to me, “We are working with you to restore the knowledge that it is possible to communicate with God because God is a very real part of you.”
The changes that are happening on earth now are rooted in that sentence. When we center in our hearts, we come to know with a deep certainty that we are within God and God is within us. Thanks for loving yourself! Much love Linda

full speed ahead!

We are accelerating at what seems to be a rapidly increasing rate. I would like to congratulate us.  This means we are holding more and more light in our energy field and that is partly causing this feeling of moving at warp speed.  What to do?! I mentioned a few blogs back about breathing. It is an increasing good idea! I would also suggest pausing to take in the life around you. As you look at your surroundings find something beautiful. It may be as simple as a water droplet running down your window. Find the peace and joy in that beauty, let it sink you fully into the moment.  Let it sink you into your heart, then you can resume your day moving with ease and grace.  Thanks for pausing! Much love Linda