nice to meet you!

Let me introduce myself. I am a channel, reader, healer and teacher in Southern California. I work with people to re-discover their psychic and spiritual talents.  For the past 40 years my heart centered approach has focused on opening students to their own guidance. It is great joy for me to have students awaken their spiritual talents to channel, read, heal energy and find their own information.

I started out my career as an astrologer. I studied with Isabel Hickey in Boston. She was my first in person teacher and I couldn’t have been luckier. Learning from Issy was a gift. She was fun, funny and knew her stuff. I am forever grateful to have had that experience. She introduced me to astrology, Huna and the world of spirit. Since the 1970’s, I have studied with many teachers while practicing and expanding my own abilities. I studied with the Berkeley Psychic Institute, and then Mary Margaret Moore and Bartholomew, and Michael Tamura. Currently, I work with Natalie Gianelli and Dr. Peebles, Nora Herold and her cast of many, Wendy Kennedy and Jarrad Hewett. My guides have channeled with me for the past 20 years. I am continually amazed at their loving guidance and insight into my life and the world. And I have learned a great deal from my friends, my students and those who come for healing. We are here to grow, expand, help each other and have fun!

The pieces you will find here are written in collaboration with my guides. They are presented to remind us of who we are and encourage us on our journey. We are living in an amazing and transformative time. We hope the pieces here encourage and support you on your journey.

Thanks for reading! Much Love Linda

13 thoughts on “nice to meet you!

  1. zanemaser says:

    Thanks, dear Linda, for stepping forward with your guides to offer your many healing gifts to all of us and our planet on your beautiful site. I can attest to the wonderful healing abilities flowing through you in all that you have helped me with over the years. You are a tremendous blessing!

  2. zanemaser says:

    Thanks, dear Linda, for stepping forward with your guides to write these uplifting pieces. The energy of Light ripples out into the world through you! I can attest to Linda’s “healing help,” as she has been a marvelous guide for me over the years and helped me to heal on many levels. You are a tremendous blessing!

  3. Julie Jarrel Raphael says:

    Hi Linda – you are a wonderful embodiment of what you teach. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, patience and love with me and so many others for so many years and lifetimes. The Light shines through your eyes and soul so beautifully.

  4. aalif says:

    Hi Linda, I discovered your page through Zanemaster’s blog and was blown away by your words on joy and unconditional love so I googled your page… thank you so much for sharing! Looking forward to reading more…

  5. beezus4 says:

    You look beautiful and your face brings me such joy. Love, Johanna

  6. Theresa Stevens says:

    Hi Linda, Just wondering if you are the same person I visited for a psychic aura reading in Massachusetts many years ago. I’m happy to have found your site. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for expressing such enlightening messages for us all to learn from.

    • Hi Theresa,
      Most probably. I do miss Concord. Hope all is well with you! Thanks for you support! All the best of the Solstice and hope an exciting 2015 is on your agenda! Much love Linda

  7. Dear Linda

    I had an invaluable experience working with you in Concord in the 1980’s.
    I feel the time has come in my life for reconnecting.
    Shifts in energy, eating and sleeping habits.

  8. enkamon says:

    Hi Linda
    Samuel Enka here. I knew your in Boston. We exchanged readings. BPI trained. Tamura apprentice.
    Still have my signed copy of your book.
    Hard to contact you! Email me if you can.

    Kind regards

  9. Aurelia Palubeckas says:

    I am Charlene Khane’s therapist, Dr. Aurelia Palubeckas. Charlene has wanted to speak with you but has lost your phone number. If you are still doing phone consultations can you please contact her at (206) 455-4118. Thank you.

    • Hi Dr. Palubeckas, I have an appointment with Charlene tomorrow morning that we made a few weeks ago. I called her and reminded her about that. I will send a business card when I send her a recording of what we talk about tomorrow. If you ever need to reach me, lsaurenman@ATSConsulting. com or Thanks for caring. Lots of love, Linda

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