merry christmas!

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Christmas celebrates the return of light to the planet through the birth of the baby Jesus. Recently at the Solstice, each of us had a heart opening. With an open heart you can allow the Christ consciousness to be born in you. What is this consciousness? It is the knowledge that you are a child of God. Celebrate the love that you are this day and always!  Thanks for reading. Much love Linda



At this time of year there is always an out pouring of love from the Universe. This year more than ever allow yourself to open your heart and receive the love that is coming to you. Allow that love to hold you, support you and remind you who you are.  Never doubt that you are love and that the love that pours through you lights the way for each other. Our Blessings. Thanks for reading! Much love Linda


Photo by Maggie Taylor

Thanks to Maggie Taylor for her wonderful photograph!!

We are approaching the winter solstice and I feel the angels walking with each of us. This is the time of year so many traditions hold sacred. How could we find a better time to open to the love that comes from our angel friends? When you allow yourself to receive love, you are better able share your love with others. In this sharing you are able to radiate the love that you are. The angels are here to help us remember this sharing. We are one world, let us be one world of love, peace and joy! The creation of this loving, peaceful, joyous world starts in each of our hearts. Thanks for reading! Much love, Linda