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Water has always been important to me. I love the ocean, rivers and ponds.  I even love the rain. A few months ago my guides reminded me that blessing the water we drink would be helpful. They allowed as how we are mostly water and that a blessing for the water we drink is a blessing for ourselves. The water in our body takes on the energy pattern of the blessed water. Here is a blessing you might want to try. Allow your prayer to flow through your hands as you hold the glass of water before drinking it.
God bless this water and all the waters of the earth and sky. Thank you for this most precious gift of pure, sweet water filled with the love, light and grace of God.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Amen.
Thanks for reading! Much love, Linda

your treasure

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Each person will find their way to express the love that they are. This is part of life’s adventure. It is, indeed, life’s treasure hunt because the expression of your Divine Love is the greatest treasure you have to share with the world! Thanks for sharing! Much Love Linda



When one heart speaks to another heart, there is music. It is a symphony of love and light. It glows and grows as the two hearts join in communion with each other.
The first joining is with your own heart. Fully become your open heart! Let your love and light spill into the world to join with another’s open heart. A mutual sharing of the joy of singing hearts! Thanks for singing!! Much Love! Linda



A friend and I were talking about Divine Flow and Stillness the other day. My guides had this to say later.

Divinity is movement, it is flow. Within that flow there is also stillness, peace. You become the stillness within the motion. This may seem like a contradiction but think for a moment. In stillness the Flow can be acknowledged. Only in stillness can you move in concert with the flow of the Universe. In stillness you open to all that is and allow it to move through you and around you.  Find your still point in meditation, in nature or in each other and find your flow. Thanks for reading! ! Much love! Linda

embrace all things!


An open heart embraces all things. By embracing all things there is allowance. There is ease. This is not to say that something else might not be preferred. It is to say that Divinity allows for all. Divinity embraces all. Divinity is vast and holds all. Thanks for embracing! Much love Linda