create from joy!

Sending you all much love. It has been quite a while since I have shared my guides thoughts with you. I have had a family emergency which continues. But the intensity of the time we live in can use a little message here and there from our friends. Here is something they had to say about our creations.

The heart guided soul achieves the balance and harmony within the frequencies they hold through love. Thus, love is the all-encompassing and balancing force in the multi-verse. As the individuated soul moves deeper into their heart and allows it to motivate their expression the act of creation becomes easier.

The next step is in the understanding that the emotions that move out from the heart shape the creation. It has been said that (Dr. Peebles loves to say this) “If you create from joy, you will have a creation filled with joy”. This is obvious when you understand that the heart is the weaver of creation. It moves he frequencies together holding them and calling them into form.

Weave your creations with Joy! Sending lots of love and wishing you a peaceful heart. Linda

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