patterns of oneness

I wrote Patterns of Oneness in 1992 and 1993.  It was a collaboration with my guides.  As we move into the new energies coming to our planet, we will find more and more opportunities to collaborate with each other and spirit to create new and fun adventures!  A chance to play!  Enjoy! Much love Linda


My Thanks!

                                                                                           This book is dedicated to Hugh with my deepest thanks for his love, patience and support.

All creative projects are the result of many hands, heads and hearts coming together to bring something to life.  I would like to thank all those who have helped with this project.  There are many more than I have mentioned here.  Spirit, students, friends and family have allowed me to learn with them and from them.

In particular, I would like to thank John Gibb and Lawrie Okurowski.  They pushed without pushing in the finest Zen tradition.  They kept nudging me forward on a project that I was sure was purely for my own benefit.  They helped make this book happen.

Many thanks to George Meyfarth, Sylvia Reed and Hugh Saurenman for their technical help and information.  My thanks to Dan Beach and Suzanne McGuire for their encouragement along the way.  Thanks to Julie Jarrel Raphael for all the energy work we have done together.  And a special thanks to my Clairvoyant Reading Class for helping me work with this style of meditation.

My deepest gratitude to Mary Margaret Moore, Justin Moore and Bartholomew whose loving teachings have expanded my thinking into ever larger circles.  My thanks, also, to Patricia Stimpson and John, and Barbara Marciniak and the Pleiadians for reintroducing me to the energies of the stars and their patterns of light.

Thanks to Leslie Swartz, who said, “Just sit down, and write a little each day.”

I thank you, the reader.  I appreciate the enthusiasm and fresh view you will bring to this book.  You will expand it, change it and bring new ideas into the world.



For several years, I have been interested in writing a book to introduce people to some of the ideas I work with in my classes.  I channeled a great deal of material in the fall and winter of 1992-1993 in conjunction with my own energy work.  I ended up with a note book full of information.  Some of the information was of a universal nature.  As I began to explore the material for greater understanding, I found I had the basis for this book.  My desire is to present a few basic spiritual ideas.  Then to expand them in such a way as to allow the idea and the reader to grow.  This is what I am reaching for in this book and in the classes I teach.

The gentle guidance of spirit is present throughout this book.  We are constantly ministered to by spirit, if we will allow it.  To me this book speaks reams of their love, understanding, guidance and joy in our work on this plane.  We are partners in our own growth, their growth, the growth of the planet and the universe.  Each time we recognize the partnership, it becomes more solid.  We can create a reality out of this solid foundation.  A reality that is a partnership between manifest and unmanifest consciousness.  A partnership based on love, respect and cooperation.  It becomes a partnership that is able to create and move realties.  I have used italics where spirit is being directly quoted.  The words of spirit move in and out of my words as if we are one.  Ultimately, we are one.

Our understanding of things psychic and/or spiritual is rapidly expanding and changing.  This work reflects my understanding at this moment in time.  As we grow, so does our point of view.  This is my truth as I see it today.  In finding your truth, you draw on your past understanding and its future promise, and allow them to sit down in one place for your examination.  Your truth is created out of this examination.  Ultimately, all that really matters is what works for you, your own truth.

The exercises at the end are guided meditations.  They follow the order of the chapters.  It is helpful to read each meditation onto a tape.  When you are ready to meditate, relax and listen to the tape.  I suggest using your own words to expand the ideas and guide yourself through each exercise.

Several words are used interchangeably for the word the Divine or God.  A few are Light, Love, Universe, and Source.  A capitalized word indicates that I am talking about the Big Guy.

Intention shapes all of our work.  The intention of this book is to look more deeply and uncover the Divine presence in each of us.  I have, primarily, used the vehicle of creativity to explore and open to the Divine within.  Recognizing that each individual’s opening makes room for others to open to who they are.  It makes more room to understand their union with the Divine.  I hope this material will make you think with your mind and, most of all, with your heart.

Spirit’s Introduction

Our desire is to assist.  It is a desire to assist the enlivenment of all who care to grow.  Growth is what your spiritual life is about.  It is the your growth as a light field that we are seeking to cultivate.  You might think of us as farmers of light.  You are seeds who were planted at the dawn of creation.  It has been through careful loving care that you have moved to the point where you stretch ever seeking the light.  We bring you more of what you seek.  As you continue to absorb what we provide and grow with it, we too are offered the opportunity to expand.  We expand not only in understanding, but in our light.  This is very much a mutual process.  Just as the garden you grow on earth nurtures you, you nurture us.  You bring us the food of beauty and joy as we watch you learn and grow.

 We are pleased to have participated in the writing of this book.  It is a physical example of the work that can happen when spirit and human consciousness create together.  We hope this will point the way for all who are touched by this work.  This type of partnership is not just for writers, but it is a partnership that can be present in all acts of your life.  It is this type of partnership that will ease the coming years of change.  You must recognize that all the change and growth that is happening is part of a grand plan.  It is a Divine Plan that we are working within, each to the best of our abilities.  Human and spiritual consciousness are both set upon the task of interpreting the Divine Plan.  Sometimes, two consciousnesses are better than one.  In the collaboration, the understanding and direction are more clear and available.

 We send you all our deep love and gratitude.  You must always remember the excitement, joy and courage it takes to be human.  Remember, also, the commitment that you have made to your own growth as light and to the growth and understanding of the Whole.

 We thank you and hold you in your Light.


The smallest component of consciousness is the same as the largest.  If we allow ourselves to view God as a vast energy field of total potential, then, God is all pervasive and the source of all things.  It is helpful to think of an amoeba.  The single cell is largely water.  The cell is supported in water, and water is continually washing through it.  If we liken the water to God, we can see how life is filled with, supported by and continually replenished by that energy.  Divine energy is.  It is everywhere and in everything.  It is the basic building block of all things.  Out of Oneness comes everything.

Upon leaving the One, we find two.  The One and other.  Let us say that sound is the first other of creation.  The famous word of God.  Sound then couples with light.  Sound and light are the two vibrational components of life on earth.  They are the first differentiations of Divine energy.

Sound moves in waves.  Light, too, can move in waves, it will also move in particulate motion.  Light is visible to the human eye, it has color.  Light, like sound, can be measured.  Light and sound are the foundation for manifestation.

Sound and light differentiate and, apparently, move out from the Divine in a wave.  They move out and through Divine energy.  The wave motion opens and creates space for form.  Sound opens and holds the place while light fills the pattern for manifestation.  It is a dual event.  Undifferentiated Divine consciousness is split into sound and light and then rejoined in form.  Using the earth as an example, we find deep within her consciousness a tone which holds the pattern of light.  The pattern defines the earth in her essence.  The sound and light will hold the tone and pattern as long as earth is manifest in form.  Humans are formed in the same way.  At our very center we are a tone and light pattern which holds us in manifestation.


Physics is exploring the idea of patterns in the study of fractals.  A small design, when repeated forms a pattern, and in turn creates a whole.  A small change in the pattern can create a great change in the final result.  In the human spiritual anatomy there is an initiating pattern.  The initiating pattern is presented in the sound and light as the energy moves from the Source.  The Source being the most basic pattern, Oneness.  The energy then moves through a series of changes allowing with each change an addition or alteration to the pattern.  This process continues from the Source until the pattern produces a density which we call form.  Human form in this example.  We find the energy moving through the patterns in a continual flow from the Source to the human form and all consciousness.

In each manifest form the underlying pattern of Oneness defines the life processes.  A personalization begins as soon as sound and light define this pattern from the Source.  The personalization influences the individual life.   We find that there are predictable phases of growth in our lives.  These are in the broadest sense the same for all humans.  We are born, learn to walk, talk, take care of ourselves, we grow older, want to find a mate and at some point we die.  Looking at an individual psychically, you will find the changes in the pattern that color, magnify and accent the differences between one human and another, and in one consciousness and another.  A consciousness’s individuality stems from the differences.

We might view humans as snowflakes.  No two snowflakes are a like, but all possess characteristics which relate them to each other.  It is in the relatedness that the strength of the human comes.  We see the Oneness with God in the related aspect.  We see the vastness of the Divine in the differences.


A human is a very large magnificent energy field that has extended itself from a Divine Source into matter.  There are steps the energy field moves through to do this.  With each step, or movement through an energy level, a new pattern is added.  These act as step downs in the energy.  The energy gradually slows its vibration until it reaches a “solid” state.  There is one overriding pattern for the individual, they are of the Divine Source.  This pattern remains a part of each layer of the individual as they manifest.

At this time on our planet, patterns are being cleared, activated and aligned.  This is happening through all levels of consciousness.  This process will occur when a major shift in consciousness is about to happen.  It is important for the consciousness to have as clear a patterning as possible.  With the shifting of consciousness, the patterning will be added to.  We are now being asked to incorporate another level of patterning into the human consciousness.  We are asked to learn and engage a pattern of unity and harmony with the Divine.  We are asked to live the Divine union.

The pattern the earth is working to incorporate at this time is one of increased unity.  The earth is honoring her position in the galaxy.  The earth is already moving at a level of intense harmony with the galaxy.   The earth is being asked to move into even deeper harmony within the galaxy.  The earth is recognized as an individual player and recognized in the closeness with which this harmony can be played.  The earth will now play with a more beautiful tightness of harmony and splendor of cooperation.  This sets a tone for all consciousness acting on earth to move into a sympathetic vibration, and to allow the Light to initiate their new patterns within that frame work.

Harmony is a quality deep within each of you.  It is a Divine quality.  It is through harmony that you find peace within yourselves and with others.  Harmony is a quality and an energy field which you can engage, encourage and use in your lives.

Harmony is also an ability.  It is possible to hold the quality of harmony within you and not identify it as an ability.  Harmony is being in unison with the flow of God.  When you are out of that flow, the feeling is one of chaos and discomfort.  When you move into harmony, you may move in accord with your deepest desires.  You are expressing Divine Will when you are in harmony.

 Music comes to mind when we think of harmony.  Music is a good image to use.  At a very basic level you are music, a tone, a pulse, a vibration. When you, as consciousness, choose to move in accord with the deep basic level that is you, you find there a harmony which may be expressed in your life.

This harmony can be understood as a musical chord.  A chord contains two or more notes.  There is the note that you are vibrating at as consciousness in a body.  There is the note that your Soul holds for you which opens the Creative flow.  There is the note that blends these two primary notes into a chord.  When you begin to feel the rhythm or the pulsation of this chord, you find yourself drawn deeper into the Center of who you are.  The distinction between the notes becomes less as you move into your Center.  The notes become one.  You are expressing your Soul quality in the physical world.  It is important to recognize and honor your depth.  As you follow the tone that you are, you will find you can move deeper into it and articulate it with even greater clarity.  This allows the energy to vibrate in your physical body and prompts you to a deeper expression of that which is Divine in you.  Once again, you must honor your physical vehicle for it proves to be the Divine expression.

More people are coming to the realization that the earth is a consciousness.  Another potential harmony is with the earth.  The earth has a tone deep within its Soul.  The earth will have other vibrations just as individuals do.  When you choose to move into harmony with the planet, seek the deepest, clearest tone possible within the Heart of the earth, its Divine center.  Finding this, let a note be created between your vibration and that of the earth.  When this is completed, you have made another chord.  You are in harmony with the earth.

 The three notes create a plane of communication between you and the earth.  This is a dialogue with the Deepest part of the earth.  It acknowledges the consciousness that is the earth.  Healing is present for you and the earth in that communication and acknowledgement.  You find communication with, and a deeper feeling of connection to the planet.  This connection may lead you to a clearer understanding of changes on the earth. The earth receives a most important communication.  The connection speaks not to the surface energies of the earth, but to the Heart and Soul of the earth.  The communication allows the earth’s Soul to be touched and deeply moved in its vibration.  This pattern of resonance within yourself and with the earth speaks of clearing to ones core and acknowledges your spirituality.  This acknowledgement shifts the balance from one based in personality to one based in the Divine’s desire for expression. 

There are other harmonies possible for us to form.  The harmony between our self and the universe is one.  It is achieved in the same way as we created the harmony with the earth.  First, contact the deepest level you can in the Heart center of the universe.  Then, choose a note to resonate between your tone and the tone of the universe.  Allowing that chord to resonate a pulse for you.  The alignment with the universe starts a communication between you, the planet and the universe.  It creates an ordering of energies.  It is a gentle alignment that allows a free flow of energy between points.  This flow encourages greater fluidity within an individual’s energy field.

 Think of the human body as a universe.  In the alignment we have been describing, you will find the head, representing human consciousness, moves into harmony and communication with the hands, representing earthly manifestation, then, moves into harmony with the heart, representing the Center of the universe.  This communication allows a greater support within the organization for creation, direction and feeling.  A coordination of movement and an ease of expression are established.  Are you not part of the Universe?  So wouldn’t it be wise to establish this communication?

 A harmonic connection, through all levels of your being, with the earth and universe, allows the Oneness with God to come as a natural extension of you.  It comes with ease rather than an effort.  This allows you to create the model of joyful Oneness rather than struggling into the Light.


Joy is a Divine quality.  It is that deep feeling of connecting and humming with the Universe.  We often misunderstand joy.  In our misunderstanding of joy, we try to approximate it with happiness.  The emotion of happiness is far less expressive than the energy of joy.  When we embrace joy, we unite with the heart and joy of God.

Joy is something you need to cultivate for yourselves.  Joy goes beyond your personal boundaries.  It goes out and touches others as you let joy grow for yourself.  You radiate joy.  You are infectious.  You can radiate joy from you and touch all those who are open and willing to receive its vibration.  Upon being touched by the vibration of joy, one feels as if they have received permission to sigh deeply and relax.  What actually happens is that a level of God knowing gets stimulated.  We say God knowing rather than realization because the realization is always present.  It is just not acknowledged.  Joy pushes back the curtain, and allows the knowing to radiate.

 The radiation of joy lets you extend your understanding of self.  You let an even deeper level of joy come forward.  You let joy move through you and radiate out from you. You allow yourself to feel and celebrate your expanded being.  You are moving in larger than life scope, and begin to touch and feel the joy, light and love that you are.  Assistance with the transmission of these feelings has been attributed to the angelic quarters of the Universe.  If you are willing to engage and accept your multidimensional nature, you may articulate that part of yourselves that you would call angelic.

 The angelic vibration is on earth to help you to understand and transmit the joy and love of God.  This, we would remind you, is an act that begins with self.  Earth operates on a plan of free will.  An individual must make the first move to allow and bring joy into their life.  This has not happened as often as it might on the earth plane.  In the past, it was felt the way to God was through pain and suffering.  There are many ways home.  Why not choose joy and love?

 The joy and love of God are not things to be taken lightly.  The joy in the awareness of yourself as a consciousness is magnificent.  It is this awareness and the thrill of being part of the Creator’s plan that you are here to express.  The feelings of joy and love play on your inner tone and light enhancing and deepening your ability to radiate them in the world.  Joy is an expression of your Divine Nature.


Joy is a pattern.  It has a structure.  The pattern of joy is unique to each individual.  In its uniqueness, it can lock and build with another’s joy pattern.  Many patterns of joy can lock together to create a much larger pattern of joy.  Soon, you will have a pattern of joy which can be used as the structure for other things to be created.

 All things are possible in this Universe for it is an expression of the Divine.  We ask you why not more joy and love?  What is love?  Love is an open energy field.  It is very open and broad pattern.  This energy field has as its characteristic the ability to open to and support anything you wish to introduce to it.  Once something is introduced into unconditional love, love opens to receive it, and love will support it totally, without reservation.  There is no judgment, only support.  Unconditional love only has “yes” as its vocabulary.  It is up to the receiver to honor its gift and use it wisely.

When unconditional love is offered human to human, you find the person offering unconditional love must stand totally in and receive the unconditional love for themselves.  When and only when this is done, may they act as a vehicle for this energy to pass through them for another.  The minute you limit love in any way to yourself it stops being unconditional love and starts to be conditioned.  You are offering a conditioned love at that point.  The love you offer will continue to be conditioned, until you are willing to open and receive the unconditional love into yourself.

We will come to realize that we are moving from a place of accepted limits to a place without limits.  At the moment, this place is beyond our comprehension.  When we think in terms of embracing or offering love without limits, we are offering the deepest level of Divine we are capable of expressing at that moment.  The Divine in us is always totally present and offering all of itself for our enlivenment.  We have only to open, ask for and receive it into our lives.

Unconditional love acts in many ways.  We would like to bring your attention to the way it can animate creation.  When you watch a creative act begin, you are watching light and sound.  You are watching parts of the creator move into manifest form.  The animation comes when the creation is acknowledged and loved.  The unconditional love helps to bring the manifestation into being.  It helps to bring it life.

 Unconditional love is not the only way to bring something life, but, we would suggest, it is a powerful way.  The power of the sound, light and love joined in manifestation is represented over and over in your world by three or the trinity.  It must be noted that three forms a plane, or better yet, a platform.  It is a platform giving the creation a firm base to rest on.  This is support at its deepest level.  It is the place to rest ones creation on firm ground, so that, it might operate clearly and beautifully in the world.

 This is not the love that many of you look for in your life.  The nature of unconditional love helps to build a place for you to stand in creation.  Then, you, the creation, must stand and manifest in kind.  It has none of the associations of romantic or sentimental love.


 Unconditional love runs deep within all of creation.  It is part of the Creator’s initial patterning.  When you are able to let go of your ideas about love and rest in unconditional love, you will truly understand what it is to be loved.  You may then find that you are able to express this kind of love in your live.  First expressing it for yourself, then, expressing it for others in your life.  Finally, using unconditional love as part of your own process of creation.

We extend to you our deepest unconditional love.  This love may be used to help you rebuild the platform you have to stand on.  It is important to recognize this as a pump priming.  When you allow unconditional love from another to move through you, it touches the places in you where you have been hiding from your own deep love.  It gently opens those places that they might receive the love first from other, then from deep within your own Divine center.  When you open to that love within you, you become totally animated, totally alive, totally in love.  It is this love that you can move into the world and express.  It is an expression of your deepest Divine.


Moving into the flow of unconditional love puts us in touch with an even deeper aspect of our Divine Self.  Joy is a supporting partner of unconditional love.  Joy is an expression of our Divinity.  We can allow joy and unconditional love to teach us all they have to show us and express with us.  It is with the flow of unconditional love that we open the doors of a deeper Universe and move into that experience.


In the first chapter, we saw One become two with sound, become three with light, and four manifest in creation.  The nature of four has been explored in many disciplines.  It is present in the idea of four basic bodies, body, mind, spirit and emotions; the four directions, north, south, east and west; and the four elements, fire, earth, air and water.

The four elements relate to the four major bodies of man.*  The emotional body ties into the element of water.  Through this body we experience our feelings.  Through our emotions we access our Divinity.  The mental body relates to the element of air.  It accesses the Universal Mind which we approach through our intellect.  The physical body correlates to the element of earth.  Through our physical body we learn about manifestation and form.  The spiritual body joins with the element of fire.  Fire changes all matter.  It is through spirit and the element of fire that we can transcend our narrow view. The fire ignites a level of passion which moves us to where we are all encompassed by our spirituality.  We let spirit become the moving force in our lives.  Each body is a way to view and interpret ourselves and our lives.  We are seeking a balanced expression which will allow us to operate from any of our bodies.

In balancing the elements, or spiritual bodies, you reach the point where you are expressing your Divine self.  The movement and union of the bodies come into balance and express as one motion in celebration of life.  This motion requires a level of harmony.  Many disciplines have used the four divisions to define activities to achieve the balance required for the expression.  The unified expression allows you to view yourself from any of your bodies.  The ability to shift your focus from the physical, to the emotional, mental or spiritual aspects of yourself allows the light body to begin development.

 A light body is a transcendence of your earth body to one expressed more completely as light.  The light body has a natural radiance.  Your physical body has been going through a series of evolutionary changes which are allowing it to express more light.  The light that you express is the essence of who you are.  The sound and light, initiated from the Source, hold the tone and pattern that is the essence of you.  This essence is what you are seeking to express.  The light that you are will be expressed through a body of much less density than physical bodies are now.


We have pictured many division within ourselves.  Each time we examine our spiritual make up, we add layers of complexity to it.  It is our nature as intellectual beings to create these divisions for examination.  It is kind of funny, since, there is only One.  We will, however, pursue the divisions further.  The system of four bodies, or four elements, moves to one which discusses seven major chakras.  From the seven chakras many will discuss twelve chakras.  Actually, the chakra system has many more chakras.  For now we will look at the twelve, and then, move one beyond.

We have energy centers or chakras in every part of our field.  Chakras are places we express and receive information.  We are more than our physical body.  We are part of a greater whole.  We examine our energy system in detail to be more aware of who we are and how we work.  This examination is no longer important to us when we realize our wholeness.  These are merely ways of deepening our understanding of our expanse as an energy field.

The traditional chakra system is divided into seven in-the-body chakras and five out-of-body chakras.  The first three in-the-body, counting up from the base of the spine, relate to the earth and physical life.  They are how we bring our spiritual desires and creations into the world.  The first chakra, located at the base of the spine, has our information about grounding and survival.  It helps us to interact with the planet.  A level of communication with the earth is experienced through this chakra.  The second chakra is how we relate to our sexuality and emotions.  The second chakra is the first level of creative awareness.  On a body level it deals with procreation.  On a broader level it manifests spirit’s desire to create in the world.  The third chakra is often called our power center.  It is the place where we begin to relate in the world.  It is a communication center within the body and with the world.  Much of our interpersonal communications happens through this center.  This is where we find the reference to “gut” feelings or “gut” reactions to a situation.  It is a good idea to listen to those feelings because we are often reading energy through this chakra.

The fourth chakra or heart chakra is a place of personal balance,  validation and union with the Divine.  It is the gate way to spirit.  The heart center is where we access our spiritual self.  It is the chakra where the physical and spiritual meet.  It is the place of movement from the physical to the spiritual.  It is the first place where we are able to view ourselves as more than our physical body.  On a simple level, this begins with the love for another.  Love for another shows us that is possible to move in larger spheres of energy.  We move beyond ourselves.   Then, when we take our focus inward through self love and expand it into a Divine love and communion, we find we are able to love others on an even deeper level.  It is the internal connection that helps us to give and receive unconditional love.  It is through the fourth chakra that we most easily unite with our Divine expression.

The upper three chakras are spiritual chakras.  The throat, or fifth, chakra deals with personal and creative expression.  Like the second chakra, it is used to manifest energy into the world.  It operates best, when it works in harmony with the second chakra.  The sixth, or third eye, chakra is our place of spiritual vision.  It is where we, as spirit view, the world.  We begin to see and bring into focus things we wish to create in our world.  The seventh, or crown, chakra has our information about knowing.  The seventh chakra accesses our spiritual knowing or our spiritual truth.  When we operate from knowing, we work with our own information about who we are, what we need to do and how to do it.

In the ideally balanced system, we take the knowing and truth from the seventh chakra.  This energy is coupled with the vision of the sixth chakra and the expression of the fifth chakra.  The energy is then brought into the heart center, or the fourth chakra, where it is moved into manifestation.  We, then, use the physical chakras.  We take the power and ability to work in the world of the third chakra and couple this with the physical creative energy of the second chakra.  The action of the second chakra is, then, grounded into the world through the first chakra.  All systems are working harmoniously within the individual.

The five out-of-body chakras allow us to tap into our multidimensionality.  They allow awareness of broader issues, and an ability to link with other energy fields.  They also bring qualities into our lives for us to learn to express.  We are learning about qualities such as compassion, hope and trust.

The eighth chakra is the place of transpersonal experience.  With this chakra the individual learns to look beyond the my side/their side issue and find a neutral stand on the subject. The eight chakra is out of the physical body.  It stands outside of our  judgment.  When this chakra becomes consciously activated, it is easy for an individual to channel or read energy more clearly from any chakra.  It allows the individual to bring information in neutrally, and not engage it with their own filter system.

The ninth chakra is the chakra which connects an individual to the planet.  The ninth chakra is active in manifestation for humanity and the earth.  It helps us to sense and anticipate earth movements and changes.  It is where we may create in partnership with the earth.

We begin to access the larger patterns of who we are in the tenth, eleventh and twelfth chakras.  We can network light with other large energy fields from these centers.  With the networking of light fields, you begin to get an even deeper understanding of your Divine connection.

Most people have not consciously engaged these last three chakras.  The energy is currently available to support conscious exploration and understanding of them.  Through conscious use of these chakras, we start to recognize the illusion in life.  With the recognition of illusion, we begin to learn about probable realities.  We, then, can begin to create our reality in a more precise way.

 As you look beyond the twelve major chakras, you are asked to expand your willingness.  You are asked to look beyond the limitations you have imposed on yourselves.  You are asked to see the expanse that you are, and the expansiveness you play in.  This can be mind boggling.  The changes happening now are to stretch you.

 The activation of the thirteenth chakra lets you truly become a player in the multidimensional game.  It allows you to be vast and small simultaneously.  You may choose to move to a deeper understanding of the Divine.  It helps you to be in the now and see the balance, as well as both sides of the dichotomy.  The activation of this chakra should prove fun, exciting and magnificent, after it stops feeling strange.

 This chakra is currently found in the upper chest area of the body.  It is approximately over the thymus gland.  The location allows it to balance the open expression of the heart chakra energy being placed in the world by the throat chakra.  It also allows a balance point between the heart and the intellect, or the fourth and sixth chakra.

 The conscious activation of this chakra increases the capacity of all the chakras in the system.  The abilities of an individual are increased.  Humankind has been tested and prepared for many years, so they might develop a deeper understanding of their drive and ability to create.  Your intention to create, your creation and the content of your creation carry more power than you recognize.  With the activation of this chakra, you may carry out creative acts in a much shorter time.

 The thirteenth chakra opens the door past your known universe.  In terms of the physical body this is the chakra that is of greatest assistance in physical transcendence.  The limits of the body are acknowledged and moved beyond.  A deeper level of information is being focused to the planet at this time to help this movement.  The thirteenth chakra helps to handle the additional light that is bringing the information to you. 

 The broader levels of light coming to the planet are bringing information, and perhaps more importantly, a deep reminder that you are light.  This reminder is a key factor in opening the energy pathways in the light body.  For those who have already begun the light body work, it strengthens the channels and allows a profound level of light to flow through.  The word profound describes the intensity of light because it contains information, and the reminder that light is a building block of consciousness.  The light comes from the Source.

In many circles the intellect has been elevated to the level of a god.  This has been an important part of the evolution process. Light carries the revered information.  The shift from the emphasis on information to the emphasis on light will be much easier because of man’s proclivity to worship information and the mind.  With the shift of emphasis, the mind is relieved of a great deal of responsibility.  The mind will allow a level of relaxation to occur in the body to facilitate a greater implantation of light.


Light is the element that fills out the patterns you create. Light is part of the Void.  Light is the second differential quality of the Void.  The first being sound.  They work at different frequencies. They can be seen as discrete elements in nature.  The thirteenth chakra allows the conscious separation of sound and light from the Void.  It facilitates greater ease in creating on the physical level. 

An important part in the development of this chakra is the willingness to engage the Void.  The Void is God consciousness.  When the Void is approach by your human perception it seems dark.  It is perceived as darkness because it is an area of the total potentiality.

 The human consciousness can single out a desire or an area of potential development.  Before the activation of the thirteenth chakra, the individual was then posed on a haphazard course to express that potential or desire.  It required a level of balance, letting go and faith in the process and in the Universe.  The creative process using the thirteenth chakra is much closer to the creative process that you know as spirit.  The thirteenth chakra initiates a balance in the system that here-to-fore had to be maintained by the individual.  The chakra is a balancing of the twelve major chakras, and in the balance, the creative act happens with greater ease. 

 Spirit has been working with you to develop the focus necessary for this process.  It is not a focusing on what you want, but a focusing on the elements of the desired results.  For instance, if you want a particular thing, say a car.  It is very important to use the vibration of sound, verbally to set the pattern of car.  The next step is to reach into the Void for the elements of the object being created, be it light undifferentiated, love, joy, beauty or whatever.  The qualities become the main element of focus.  These are woven into the structure of car, in this case.

As this process becomes more familiar, it will also happen in less earth time.  The elements you are focused on in your life are extremely important to you and your creation.  The car that is created with Universal love and joy is very different, in its interaction in the world, than the one made of grief and sadness.  This is an area that has needed great attention in the world.  It has been easier for you to focus on the lower vibrational qualities of light.  Now you are learning to maintain the focus on higher vibratory elements.  As you become more comfortable with these, you will be shown how to discriminate directly from the Void into manifestation.  This will occur as your personal wills are released into the Universal Will, the personal mind released into the Universal Mind and emotional body rest in the Universal Heart.  There is much healing on your planet to ease this process.

A fully activated thirteenth chakra allows you to change how you view yourself.  In one sense you are dividing yourselves further, but on another level you can see and understand more about who you are.  With new understanding, a deeper level of Divine reunion may be achieved.  This will bring with it a true manifestation of the Heart, Mind, and Will of the Divine.

*The four directions can also be woven into this model.  There are many fine texts on the Medicine Wheel and Native American traditions which will cover this subject in depth.


 Grace has been called a gift from God and, indeed, it is.  It is energy with which you may join, engage and flow within the fields of light.  Grace is the energy which moves you out of a stalled place and into the flow of light that you are.

When you allow the light of grace to touch you and move you into the flow that is God, you are moving with the angels.  It is important to recognize that you are angelic as part of your multidimensional personality.  The beauty, grace, joy and compassion that you have place in the higher realms has been an out picturing of parts of you.  This is what you are bringing back into your light vocabulary now.  The angels are a part of you.  They are you, and you are them.  By requesting grace, or one of the other angelic properties, you will begin to understand the power and beauty that you are.

 It is important to remember, that part of the plan on earth is to join with the Heart of God.  The joint expression of the heart of God required a plan in which all aspects of the heart could be presented.  Part of this required a forgetfulness of the Heart qualities.  These had to be “rediscovered” to find out which were important and which were not.  What could be added and what let go.  You had to be unaware of that deep heart connection that you are, that you are charged with expressing.  So, you come to earth and work through many lives examining the issues of the heart.  You are at the time of reunion.  This time is when you can step back in line with those deep parts of yourselves that know and understand your charge to express the Heart of God.  Ask for grace to move with you and grace will help you release into the deepest part of yourself.  The asking is a request for the reunion with more of who you are.

 Open and accept the grace, the Grace of God and the grace of all consciousness, it is a very deep part of who you are.


We have viewed ourselves as part of the One.  We have view ourselves as patterns.  We have viewed ourselves as consciousness expressing through the elements and the chakra system.  Let’s look ourselves another way.  Our whole consciousness moves from the Source.  It changes, flowing and growing continually until we find ourselves the person sitting in the chair reading.  We are a beautiful flowing column of light stretching from our Source to the chair where we are reading.  This column of light has movement, radiance and substance.

Our energy field is a vast flow of light, like liquid crystal.  Parts of the energy field will flow, and parts will fix into geometric shapes.  These shapes are expressions just as much as we are.  We have the ability, with the realization of our vastness, to move our conscious awareness to anywhere in this field of light.  We have the ability to express anywhere in this column of light.

The fluid like state of the energy field allows you to interact with other energy patterns at your discretion.  Your energy field may flow and touch other energy fields.  The movement of the energy fields may be interlocking.  They may flow by or over each other.  They may pass and not touch at all.  The places where you interlock are where you have similar life experiences, beliefs or agreements.  These are places where you wish to learn, understand, experience and assist.  The places you flow by gently touching are, generally, for experience and understanding.  The places you flow by without interacting are places you choose not to experience.  You do not have a current need in your energy field to make contact and experience.

 Your flow can be altered by your reaction to your experiences.  This is where you may find crystalline shapes forming an inflexible spot.  This place is often called a block.  A block is an experience that you have not learned from.  These can be lessons you chose as spirit to learn from in this or other lives.  They might be limitations you chose to experience at some point, but then went into resistance to them.

Resistance plays a large role in maintaining blocks in our energy field.  It has landed us all in hot water at least once.  We gather resistance around a block, and cement it solidly into place.  It makes the block seem larger than it actually is.  Like any problem, we will focus our attention on the blocked place.  Energy follows attention.  In the focus, you bring energy to the block and continue to do so until you have created what you are resisting.  What you resist, you become.  This process can continue until you release the resistance, perhaps through humor, and begin to loosen the energy of the block.  Humor allows you to relax, release, and learn from the blocked energy.  The blockwill release and disburse.  You are free to create something new with the energy.


When we interlock with another energy field it can be quite pleasant or it can be uncomfortable.  We have issues, lessons or agreements in this life or another life time that are similar to the individual we are interlocking with.  We attract those people to us that can complete the shape in our energy field.  This allows both individuals to work together on whatever it is they have chosen to experience.  When the meshing has a flow to it, it is more comfortable than when there is no movement.  The individual personalities are what allows the flow or lack of it.  Spirit sets up the game, and personality, currently, decides the play.

An example is our interaction with the earth.  The earth has a central tone that is filled with light, just as we do.  The earth has personality that is expressed.  Just as with people, the earth has collected energies on her surface and has had energy overlaid in different areas of her surface.  One type of energy is the programming people have placed on the earth.  The programming changes the earth’s expressed energy.  The earth is currently releasing this programming.  For now, we will use the programming for our illustration.

Two areas in the United States that have a very different feel are the southwest and the northeast.  The southwest was programmed by the Native Americans.  The program honors the earth, thanks her continually for her abundance and encourages and expects creative expression from the individual.  It honors people as partners with the earth in bringing this abundance forward.  Many find the southwest expansive and creative when they couple with the earth’s surface there.  Others find it demanding and uncomfortable.  You bring your personal feelings to the area and interact with it.

In New England the program was put in place by the Puritans when they arrived from Europe.  They superimposed their program over the Native Americans programming.  The programming was set to encourage the intellect, the work ethic and foster independence.  Many are delighted to express their intellect and independence.  Some find this uncomfortable.  Again, different feelings because of personal bias.

It is important to recognize that we have choice.  We can connect with the earth and each other on a deep Divine level, or we can connect with each other on the superficial level that has collected energy around it.  We have choice at all times.  When we are able to reach beyond the surface in our self and reach beyond the surface into the center of whoever, or whatever, we are interacting with, we are touching each other in our Divine essence.  This approach allows us to express our self more fully and freely.  It encourages the others to do the same.  This allows us greater variety in our expression.  Our communication stays fluid.

We are in an extended period of change both on a personal and earth level.  These changes go to the very core of our being.  We each must understand ourselves and others on a deeper level.  From that deeper level, we can approach the change with understanding and joy.  The understanding and joy that comes from touching and being touched at the center of who we are.  The touch acknowledges all of who we are.

We are asked to clear and align our expression with our deepest Self.  The deeper we can clear and express the clarity of the patterns, of geometric forms that we are, the easier our shifting will be.  The same holds true for the planet.  The communication that moves out from our deepest Self to reach that same deep place in another will help to ease these changes.  We are here to recognize our Divine continually, and to let the Divine grow and express though us in all ways.  This is one way to do that.

Clarity is possible with the cleansing and alignment of old patterns.  This happens by aligning your patterns with the Source.  It is important to remember that all of creation is held in God, and is, therefore, God.  The parts are God.  The whole is God.  You are clearing parts.  It is through the action of the parts, that the whole can recognize itself.


Open to your intention to align and cleanse your patterns.  Then, ask for guidance.  You will find the guidance present.  Begin with personal honesty.  Denial has played a large role on the planet.  When you can look at a situation clearly and state your feelings to yourself about the event, or situation, you can drop the cloudy aspect, the denial.  This is the first step.  It is important to understand and honor your feelings during this process.  The  body/mind-emotional/spirit schism that exists in consciousness at this time begins to heal.  The body/mind being the more masculine expression and the emotional/spiritual being more feminine.  You will see that each of these parts is also represents male/female energy.  This step is one of unity and a greater balance within the whole.

Balance within the whole is something we are continually seeking.  We look for balance even when there are no changes happening.  Balance is part of our overall drive to feel good.  Given free reign, you will naturally gravitate toward balance and joy.  The balanced system has more freedom of action.  The balance can be helped by the expression of unconditional love.  There are two ways we can express love.  The first is to give love, and the second is to receive love.  When we find ourselves engaging in these actions, it is easy for us to honor and find joy in feelings.  Relaxing into ourselves, letting go and achieving balance.  If we deny our need to express love, then we find ourselves expressing something different in order to hide our real need.  The human expression may become fear, anger, need, or longing to name a few.  These are masks to hide the real desire.  The desire to love.

We have used the word love before in this text.  Love is a feeling deep within a person that connects them with all of who they are.  Love accepts what is before it and totally supports it in its expression.  This is as close as our words come to approximating the power and beauty behind unconditional love.

Today’s language has changed the basic form around love.  Many thought forms have been attached to the idea of love.  It is our responsibility to look at the concepts we have attached to the idea of unconditional love.  Then, we need to release into the our own expression of unconditional love.  Unconditional love is the feeling we are seeking.  From this place of feeling we can move into and acknowledge all that we are.  By acknowledging all we are, we accept and respond to our multidimensionality.  The picture of a column of light that is the Source putting forth part of itself and continuing the extension until we are sitting in the chair is what is meant when by multidimensionality.  As spiritual beings, we have the ability to be aware of the I in the chair, and the I resting in the Source, and all the different aspects in between and beyond.  That is multidimensionality.  That is what we may choose to express.


In choosing to be all of who we are, we can choose to radiate the light that we are.  This is the radiant quality that allows us to put our love and wisdom into the world.  This radiant quality allows us to be and not have to do continually.  The light that we are can fill us, support us and hold us gently, so we may radiate and reflect the beauty and wonder of the Deepest part of ourselves.

 Light carries an infinite wisdom and a capacity of great gentleness or great destruction.  It is important to recognize that light is undetermined in the sense that you know it on your plane.  You decide what light “does” and are co-creating with light.  You choose how you will express your wisdom.  The expression is all part of the ebb and flow of creation.  Wisdom comes from the deep association with the light that you are.  Identification with the light will allow the wisdom to guide the consciousness in appropriate action.

The best way to begin the connection to the light is through a connection to life.  To the movement of the I through life.  This idea of movement through life requires a sense of being part of.  The idea of being a participant is important for all.  The sense of participation is one which brings the individual consciousness into the fabric that a group consciousness is weaving.  The participation is an act of creation.  The creative sense in an individual is a primary link with the Divine Mind and Heart.  The individual ceases to be identified with the physical and moves into an identification with its perceived wholeness.  This perception is then nurtured and allowed to expand.  In the expansion the individual is able to see more and more of their relation to the whole.  They begin to see their light.

Spirit always views itself as a whole, undulating field of light.  Your ability to physically, intellectually, and emotionally view yourself as whole is where personal healing begins.  When you can see how a whole works, you can then begin to see parts of yourselves in a new light and bring that personal wholeness into perspective.  Within the personal wholeness, you are free to express your light carrying with it the love, joy and wisdom you choose to place in the world.  You, too, can know yourself as a flowing field of light.


 The union of the Divine Heart, Mind and Will coupled with their personal counterparts is expressed as wisdom.  Wisdom is an out pouring in the moment of this inner blending.  Wisdom is presented in the now and relates to the immediacy of the situation.  The union of the Divine parts brings one’s focused awareness totally into the present.  You can express from this point bringing out the Divine essence of the moment.

The concept of now, or in the moment, is one used a great deal in metaphysics.  When you are functioning in the now, you are focused, working as a unit, a whole.  You express the wholeness in the moment.  When you worry about the past, you are worrying with your emotions.  When you worry about the future, you are worrying with your mind.  When you focus in the now, you express your wholeness.  You are free to choose to rest in and express your Divine connection.  This choice lets wisdom enter into the world.

The easiest way to express your wisdom is to be connected in the Divine union.  Let your mind rest in the Mind of God, your heart rest in the Heart of God, your will join with the Will of God.  This union automatically creates a balance.  Implicit in the union is the surrender and release of the bindings to the past and the servitude to the future.  Your awareness rests in the now and has the freedom of expression to move in the optimum or wisest fashion.  Hence, children are as capable of wisdom as adults.  It is a flow from you.


The words that you speak set the vibration for creation.  They are then filled with light.  With wisdom you speak the balanced expression of the Divine, weaving into the words qualities you wish to present.  You may bring love and humor with the light to fill the pattern you are creating with your words.  In so doing, you add many layers of light to your expression.  The words take on greater richness, depth and texture.  These are the words that go into the world.  The words take on a life of their own.  They place the initial statement into matter and add, in this case, love and humor to the light.


You seek a timeless wisdom.  Ideals to create your lives around.  Wisdom is tied to the moment.  You can access truths that are basic to yourselves with the balanced expression of your Divinity.  When you access the deep levels of your own truth, you can move with more assurance and wonder.  Each truth placed in the world as wisdom may hold the seed to trigger someone else to recognize their truth.  This is an important value of wisdom.  The triggering effect starts another individual’s journey deeper into their Center.  The new found awareness of personal truth creates an avenue for you to reach deeply into your own Divine, seeking more truth and understanding from your Center. 


 Wisdom, when it touches deep personal truth, is an opener.  Like a magic word which opens doors, it opens your heart and mind.  It allows a deep opening so that you can touch and be touched in your Center.  When you allow the touching to occur, you are acknowledging Self.  You are acknowledging who you are.  When you put your wisdom into the world, you are acknowledging and touching someone else.

 Just as the harmony you create with the earth is vital to your growth, both personal and the earth, the opening touch of truth in wisdom is vital to the growth of the individual soul.  The soul is touched, expressed and acknowledged.  You see yourself for the Divine expression that you are.  You see all the power and wonder that you are here to create.  There is great joy in this form of expression.  Find the joy in your wisdom and express that in your life.  Wisdom is the expression of your consciousness at rest and at-one with the Divine.


Connecting, merging, and joining, you are light.  Light has the ability to blend.  It has the ability to radiate a single hue.  Light has the ability to radiate all colors at once.  As light you have the ability, not even recognized as an ability, to join your light within the various parts of yourself, and to join with, the apparent, other.  To couple and uncouple in a progressive dance of light.  This is your gift.  This is your ability.

 You are light.  You choose to connect the various parts of yourself.  You express as one.  You move in one fluid motion, an expression of Divine Light, of Divine Life.  You merge your light within your field making the light more fluid, more cohesive within yourself, and reach out to touch another.  You join, blending your light with the light of another.  Forming a different vibration.  Forming a new expression of the Divine.

 The miracle of connection from the simple to the magnificent is what you are.  It is what you may choose to express.  You multiply your Divine essence by joining it with another.  The expansion of the Divine happens as an explosion.

 The merging, touching, happens most easily when you touch each other from your Heart center.  This is a seat of the Divine in your physical body.  It is the place that yearns for a connection.  Your Heart calls for connection.  The seat of the Divine within the individual allows the earthly to become one with the spiritual.  At this joining, within the individual, they are able to connect with other parts of themselves at even deeper places.  They move into their Divine center, and are pulled to ever deepening levels into the All of who they are.  This is a process.  Your deepest purpose is to experience and express the All in your life.

As you are pulled deeper, ever deeper into your Divine center, you are able to reach out and touch another in this place.  The touch begins as a gentle touching, a merge and it moves toward a joining of light.  The lights join one another, and begin to remind each other of even deeper levels of Divine.  Each individual light is increased within itself.  It is, also, increased in the whole.  An explosion happens, the manifestation of the Divine through you.  You move into a place of at-one-ment with the All.  There is only the presence of light carried by the deep abiding love of your spirit.  You express that light and love through you.  You move in the light and love deepening your Divine connection.

 You are light.  You are love.  You are Divine essence manifest on this plane.  The connecting, merging and joining that you experience is yet another way for you to experience your Divine essence and for the Divine to experience you.




Connection is an important aspect of healing.  Healing on a spiritual level is about creating change.  It is about growth, expansion, release and connection.  As healers, we connect on a very deep level with ourselves, another and the Divine healing energy.  Change and healing are a process, rather than an event.

We are healing the sense of separation from our Divine Source.  This may not be what brings us to a healing to begin with.  As a matter of fact, most often a threat to our well being is the driving force behind a request for spiritual healing.

Humans carry a basic idea about who they are.  The idea that they are separated from their Source.  This is the idea that is behind all requirement for healing.  The idea that you are different or separate from your Source is one which has its roots in planetary history.  It springs from a great experiment.  Humans are created in the image of God.  This is true when they view themselves as a whole, something which they have not been able to do.  When taken in their entirety, a human looks beyond the parts they identify with, and they begin to see that they are at-one with the Source of their being.  Much as a child within the womb, there is a separate identity but all encompassed, supported and nurtured by its source.  When the child is born, they separate and work to form an individuality that is their own expression separate from their parents.  Humans, like a child, are born into the world of separation. 

 The desire to know oneness with the Source has to become a deep overriding desire.  The desire pulls the person into the union.  This desire spawns the intention to reunite and pushes the individual into the knowing of the Divine Union.  A place they, in fact, never left.

 From a body position, this appears to be a letting go, a surrendering, a relaxation.  This is where the healer’s work comes in.  They are a facilitator to help the individual bring more free flowing energy through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  The flow of energy helps them to relax into the Divine self and receive healing from the Source.  Each time the opening to the Source is revealed, an individual opens more to the bond that is there.  An undeniable bond that brings growth, movement and expansion.  The bond brings a knowledge which becomes deeper and more secure with every opening.  You know, truly, you are held and loved by the Divine.


We are all held and one in God.  As such, we need to grow and express our whole.  How can we be one in God and yet totally individual?  This is an idea that is a continual puzzle.  Spirit likes to tell the story of the farmer’s coveralls.  Let the farmer’s coverall represent the All.  Many threads make up this coverall.  Each thread has a color and a purpose.  The color and purpose create the individuality of the thread.  The thread is part of a greater fabric which creates the coveralls.  The coveralls represent the All.  The thread must stay strong, healthy and flexible to contribute to the All.  When we recognize that our consciousness runs the length of our column of light, the thread, we recognize our individual ability to remain flexible, healthy and strong effects the health and life of the Whole.  We are individual.  We are the Whole.  The ability of the individual to remain strong, healthy and flexible influences the ease with which the whole fabric can move, grow and change.

Patterns are another way we can see ourselves as part of the All and individual.  The primary pattern is from our Source it is placed into being using sound and light as its components.  The pattern is changed and added to as our consciousness expands and grows.  Each change resulting from a desire to express.  We are these patterns manifest.  The Divine Source is our deepest most fundamental pattern.  We have access to all the patterns from our Source to our present consciousness.  Like the farmer’s coveralls, we are part of a whole.  We can be seen as the overall pattern from the Source or as the changes we have made to it.  We are individual, we are the Whole.  We may choose to recognize our wholeness at anytime.  There are no preset steps.  Each path we follow leads home.  The length of the path is up to us.


Our understanding of the Whole affects our ability to heal.  The healer must be able to help us see our concept of the whole in the moment.  The healer, then, reviews our concept of whole when the energy became stuck.  The task is to expand consciousness beyond both ideas of whole, and allow a release into a broader awareness.  The release will allow the pattern to move into a more fluid place and correct itself.

The dynamics of this action may be as simple as a Hello! to an individual or may require weeks, months, life times of unraveling.  The timing is dependent on two things, on the person who wants to have a healing and the universe.  We can ask for a healing, hold the desire, being ready willing and able to receive the healing, and it may just happen.  We may not have to go any further than being willing to allow the changes to occur.  We may want a healing, and find we are not changing.  We find we are waiting until the world shifts.  This has to do with the timely unfolding of the universe.  This is not fate.  The work, release and growth we do is for our self and it is for the whole.  Each change in our patterns alters the larger pattern.  When the larger pattern alters, we find we have the room to make the changes we have been working towards.

The healer is ready, willing and able to be a source of energy for a healing to take place.  The healer maintains the openness of their energy channel through their own growth and desire.  The healer takes care of their energetic and physical bodies.  The stronger, healthier and aware of their own Divine connection and Wholeness a healer is, the greater clarity they have as a channel for healing energy.  The care of all the bodies is important to the healers own growth and work.  The stronger the bodies, the easier it is for the healer to be totally open to the love and light that are the core of healing energy.  By doing this, they are acknowledging their Whole and their part in the All.  They can transmit this knowledge and understanding during a healing.

The individual requesting a healing is co-creating the healing.  A healing involves the person to receive the healing, the healer and the Divine connection.  The healer is the channel through which energy may flow to help the person requesting the healing.  The person who is giving the healing is an instrument for Divine healing energy and the person receiving the healing.  It is important for both parties to recognize this.  The person receiving the healing is an active player by bringing all that they are to the healing and participating fully from that perspective.  They hold the desire for the healing.  They are open to receiving the energy and maintain the willingness to change.  By their participation, the  person receiving the healing is helping to create it.

For the healer a healing can deepen their connection to the Divine within.  The clearer and deeper this connection, the more effective a healer becomes.  The potency of a healer is their ability to transmit, without filter or interpretation, the energy available for healing.  This gives the person receiving the healing the maximum opportunity to receive what they need to make their changes.  Remembering that they, the person receiving the healing, are making the changes, not the healer.

The connection, of each of us in a healing, to our deep Divine Source acknowledges all of who we are.  In this recognition, true healing can take place.  A healing that is generated from our own Divine levels and allowed to move through the physical for manifestation.

A healer holds the harmony with their soul and directs light to be used as healing.  With experience, the healer reaches beyond the Soul to a deeper level of their Divinity, and moves into harmony on those levels.  The deeper they can reach and harmonize, the greater light available for healing.

The healer approaches the Soul level of the individual who is to be the recipient of a healing.  They call forth a deep harmony from that individual’s Divinity.  They ask that a resonance be created between the harmony they (the healer) are exhibiting and the Soul of the person to be healed.  The two Lights join together.  This is the Light of God.  The Light may used by the experienced healer to work within the individual.  This is why the person receiving the healing is said to heal them self.


When we know that we are held in the Divine, the knowing reminds us that we are here to express the Divine.  Creativity is a way to express our Divine self. It is an act.  An act that begins with desire, then intention, action, and finally, manifestation.

Creativity can be found in every aspect of our lives.  We can think of creativity as an action that places something where there was nothing.  We can change something.  Even more simply, we can bring the spark of life to a place.  The way we move into the world each day is a creative act.  The life we bring the day when we wake up in the morning.  The way we build and enliven our day.  These are creative acts.  This is creativity on the most personal level.  Once we start to take credit for our creativity, we will be able to see the incredible creative possibilities we are presented with everyday.

A creative person sees a situation clearly, and holds out the energy they would like to initiate in that situation.  To view the situation clearly, a creative person asks them self to look at all the possibilities the situation is offering.  The individual has moved from one solution reality, or reaction, to a reality with many options.  They may choose the option which is most expressive of who they are at the moment.  Creativity can be used in every aspect of life.  It can become a way of being.

Creativity implies a fluid motion.  This is the same motion we find in all our Divine encounters.  It is similar to wisdom, in that, we are joining with the Divine Flow to express that Flow in the world.  There may be wisdom in the creative act, there may also be whimsy, joy, unconditional love, beauty, courage, the list can go on.  The creative act may be filled with many qualities.  When creative energy is coupled with the Divine Flow, an ease is introduced into the creative process.  The ease comes from our surrender to the Divine Will.

Creation happens with the most ease when you are in harmony, or in balance, within yourself, hold the intention to join with Flow, and express the Flow in manifest form.  When you move and create in the Flow, it often feels like you are not “doing” anything.  And in a way you are not doing anything.  The “doing” is in the initiation of the creative act.  It is the willingness and desire to move into and join the Flow.  It is in the expression of the Flow of God.  This is your natural expression.  The rest is just being in, and moving in union with the Divine energy to bring forward what it is you have chosen.

 As with wisdom, layers of richness and depth are added to your creation by the qualities you choose to add.  By weaving qualities into your creation, you find that you truly cease to be separate from the Flow and become one with it.  As you bring various qualities to the creative process, you are weaving energy from the Void, the Divine flow in the universe, the Divine center in the earth and your Divine center, in other words, the All.  The parts become one in the creation.  That which moved out from the Divine becoming apparently separate is once again united to express the Divine.  This is the beauty of creation on the earth.

We have mentioned the importance of recognizing the qualities you choose to incorporate into your creation.  Choose the qualities that are most precious to you to create with.  Recognize each creation is a Divine expression.  A deep esteem for who you are and what you are creating is important.  If you are holding your creation in reverence and yourself, as well, you will choose the highest qualities to incorporate into your creation.  The creation moves into manifestation, a picture of God recreated in matter.  It will be a reminder of those qualities of the Divine that are dear to you.  This is what co-creating is about.  It is a celebration, an honoring, a remembering of the Divinity and an expression of all those things we so deeply love within it.


Creativity is the way you constantly remind yourself that you are only here playing a separation game.  It is a wonderful game.  Each time you join with the Divine, you score a point.  Each time you drop the limitations you have placed on yourself and see you are Divine expression, in creation, you come a little closer to winning the game.  You are lucky in the way the game is set up.  There are reminders everywhere of your unity with the Divine.  Creativity is one of those reminders. 

 In the world, unconditional love is a reminder of the Divine.  Creativity is also a reminder of the Divine.  A way to have an easing for yourselves.  Most of you value love when it comes from outside yourself.  You have not allowed the deep unconditional love to move out from your Center and embrace you.  This has your vision focused outward.  The creative person recognizes their participation in the creation.  The initiation, intention and follow through come from within.  They are not able to deny their central core.  Their Divine center is always in view as they are creating.  The focus is internal.

We would ask you to bring your desire to create into every action in your life.  By living life creatively in every moment, you live touching your Divine center in every moment.  You are aware that each instance is filled with possibilities to create in light.

 How do you encourage the broadness of creativity?  It is like encouraging someone to live.  To live their life with a joy and a reverence at the same time.  The joy is the spark, the impulse and the propellant.  The reverence is the integrity and the knowing that brings it to fruition.  These are emotional qualities in an individual.  These qualities can be fostered in all.  The act of aware creation puts you in touch with all of yourself, with the Divine.  This is how you allow the Universe to join in your creative actions.  You become one with the Universal Force and express this in your lives.  This is where one truly begins to live their Life Force.  This is the beauty that you came to earth to manifest.


Just as we began in the beginning, we come to the end.  We find that we originated from the One and became two, with sound.  Two became three, with the addition of light.  Three then became four, manifesting on earth.  This is the natural expansion of you as an individual expressing the Will of God.  That is what we are here to do.  We are here to express all aspects of God through our physical vehicle.  By so doing, we experience the Divine moving through us, and the Divine expands its understanding and pushes into new areas.

The language that is available to do this is one of light, love and willingness.  These used together form the basis for how we move in this world and assist all the parts of us that move outside our awareness.  The day is coming when we will surrender to our spirit and, in that process, will allow our small personal ego to rest in the Divine Will.  Then we will really begin to recognize the vastness that we are.

This is a time of wondrous growth personal, planetary and universally.  Each small change made on an individual level spreads far in this dimension, parallel planes, past lives, and on and on.  Spreading out and instituting change as it gently touches all it meets.  Why are we reluctant to embrace the changes that are coming?  We are human, after all.  These changes are in a series of changes that seem to come from the Infinite and stretch all the way back into the Infinite.  It is true.  We are change.  We are growth.  We are movement.  It is not the time to be faint hearted but the time to yet again embrace the changes as they are presented to us.


Each change that you are presented with is a challenge to drop limitations and see yourself just a little more vast.  To move your vision from the ground and lift it to the stars.  To recognize that you are the earth and you are the stars.  That you stretch beyond the stars to the edges of the universe and beyond. 

 Let yourself move forward and in the forward motion allow your strength and courage to pull you forward into ever greater changes.  You can and do initiate change and in that initiation you take your place as a co-creator with the Divine, as a builder of what is.

 Rest in your light.  Rest in your love.  Rest in the deep knowing that you are creating as you are created.  Let the knowledge of your magnificence bring you the peace in your life, and for the planet, that you so truly desire.


Exercise One


Choose a place that is good for meditation.  Sit in a comfortable position.  Gently close your eyes.  Move your focus to the center of your chest.  Feel the rhythm of your breath.  Feel where you are right now.  Feel your body and relax deeply into it.

Let your breath take you deep into the center of your heart chakra.  Rest in your heart chakra.  Be aware of the beating of your heart.  Listen to your heart beat.  Then, let the beat fade away.  Listen or feel for the tone coming from the Deepest part of you.  Feel that tone in the Deepest part of you, the inner you.  The tone behind your heart beat.  Let it touch you for a moment.  Feel the tone that is you sitting in the chair, the outer you.  When you are ready, ask yourself for a tone that will harmonize both notes, the inner and the outer.  Allow this third note to bring harmony to your being.  Feel the pulse* of the notes playing together.  Allow the outer you to come into harmony with the inner you.  Let it blend the inner and outer you together.  Let the pulsation move through your body, bringing your entire body into alignment. Stay with the expression and allow it to continue to unite the Deepest part of you with the you sitting in the chair.  Let it fill every inch of your being.  Let it fill every cell of your body.  Feel a deep connection reawakening.  Know that there is only One.  Feel the relaxation deep within yourself.  Rest in the communication with the Deepest part of yourself.

When you feel ready, send a Hello to the Heart center of the earth.  Allow yourself to sense the tone/pulse that is the very Deepest part of the earth.  Then ask for a note that will harmonize your tone with the tone of the earth.  This will allow you to vibrate in your harmony and the earth in her harmony.  The note between brings the unison.  Establish the chord.  Feel the pulse and allow it to open the communication with the earth.  Stay open to this communication for a while.  Notice what you feel.  Feel the let go in your body as it moves in harmony with the earth.  Sense the changes in yourself and in the earth.

When you find the flow of earth communication comfortable and stable for you, recheck your personal chord.  Feel the chords playing through your energy field.  Send a greeting into the Heart center of the universe.  Allow yourself to feel the tone that is the Heart center of the universe.   Then ask for harmony between your Heart center and the Heart center of the universe.  Open to the harmony and let it move through your body.  Let it open the door of communication with the universe.  Move in harmony with the universe.  Rest with the universe’s chord for a while.  What are you experiencing about your place in the universe?  How is the universe experiencing your movement within it?

When you are ready to experience three part harmony, let yourself feel the harmony within yourself.  Then, feel that you are in harmony with the earth and with the universe.  With your breath, let the harmony from the earth move up through your spine to the Heart center of the universe.  With the breath, allow the harmony from the universe to move through you back to the Heart center of the earth.  As you do this allow the column of sound to expand and fill with light until you are surrounded by it.  See the column of light that you are.  Let it continue to expand.  Let it show you the expanse of yourself.

In harmony with the earth, in harmony with the universe, you stand between the two, totally fluid.  You recognize your extension within the universe.  You recognize your connection to the earth.  You bridge the communication between the two.  You are in harmony with yourself, the earth and the universe.   All are expressing their Divine essence.  All are individual.  All are One.  Know that you are complete.  Know that you do not have to plod though a thousand steps to arrive.  You are already there.  Rest in this state.  Rest with One.  Rest as One.

To end the meditation, allow your awareness to focus totally on the harmony that is you.  Let this move through your body and vibrate in every cell.  Become very aware of the feeling in each part of your body.  Move your awareness from your toes up to the top of your head.  Then stretch and move into your day.  Bringing the sense of awareness of your inner harmony with you!


*If you do not hear psychic sounds, a pulse will either be seen or felt.  Even if you do hear psychic sounds, it is sometimes easier to concentrate on the pulse because of the visceral quality of it.

Exercise Two


Relax in a comfortable position for mediation.  Become a column of light as in the first exercise.  Let the flow of energy join you to the Heart of the earth and the Heart of the universe.  The three Heart centers moving in total harmony with each other.  Feel the movement and harmony deep within yourself.  Stay with the flow of energy until you are comfortable in it.   Totally immerse yourself in the energy.  Enjoy being the column of light that you are.

Bring your awareness back to your Heart center.  Ask for assistance, from your angelic self.  Feel the total love available to you as your angelic self responds to you.  Ask to be moved deeply into your Center.  Rest there for a moment and feel the comfort in who you are.  Let the communication deepen between you and your angelic self.  Feel the total love your angelic self has for you.  Respond with your love.

Focus in your Heart center.  Ask to be shown the pattern for your joy.  Watch the pattern for a while, and notice what it is like.  Is it bright and shiny?  Are parts of it a little tarnished from disuse?  Just notice, do not judge or worry about it.  We are going to put this pattern into action now.

Be aware of the light flowing from the Heart of the universe through your Heart to the Heart of the earth and back again.  Let the light move in a figure eight from the Heart of the earth to the Heart of the universe crossing over in your Heart.  Observe the three flows of light.  They are moving together as one.  One flow of light is from your Heart, one from the Heart of the universe and one from the Heart of the earth.  Allow the lights to move together through your Heart center, filling your pattern of joy.  Let the light fill and move through the pattern.  You are weaving light.  You are creating a fabric of joy.  As you weave, allow the joy you are creating to fill every cell in your body.  Take a little time.  Last count you had a lot of cells in your body.  As the cells in your body fill with joy, allow the extra to spill over and begin to fill your whole energy field.  Fill all of you.

Let the joy bring the communication with your angelic self to a deeper level.  Thank your angelic self.  Open to the love flowing to you from deep inside.  Receive and return the love.  Let it fill you and couple with your joy.

Sit for a moment and feel the joy and love.  Feel it in your entire body.  Feel it around your body.  Feel it radiating in the room you are sitting in.  Let it radiate to the world.  Feel joy!  Feel Love!  Let it support you.  Let joy hold you.  En-joy it!

To end the meditation, release the images and center in your own Heart and Light again.  Allow your Light to fill you.  When you feel full and complete, give yourself a hug and go back into your day.  Spreading joy everywhere you go!

Exercise Three


The Void is God consciousness.  It holds all possibilities.  To work in the Void is to move beyond limits into the realm of all possibilities.  Working in the Void is to acknowledge your expansiveness.


Relax and move into a meditative state.  Join, as in the earlier exercises, with your inner Heart center with the Heart center of the earth and universe.  Let yourself feel the harmonies.  Become a beautiful column of light.  Let the energy move through you from the center of the earth to the center of the universe and back.  Feel the fluid motion.  Feel your expanse.

Begin to sense your whole body.  Be aware of the wholeness of your body.  Feel your body, gently, from your head all the way down to your toes.  Let the light flow into any tight spots.  Let these spots open to receive the energy, relax and release.  Be open to the wonder that you have created with this body.  Feel total love for your body.  Let the love fill every cell.  Then, let the spaces in between your cells fill with your deepest love.

Rest in the love.  Feel yourself held and totally loved.  Let your awareness expand to fill your body.  Expand to fill the area around your body.  Expand to fill the room.  Expand and stretch the length of your energy connection from the Heart of the earth to the Heart of the universe.  Feel the wonder and expansion of who you are.  Enjoy the fluid motion it offers you.  Rest in the motion.  Feel the excitement.  Feel the depth and breadth of yourself.

Notice if you can find an edge to your energy field.  Explore it.  Let your awareness wander the edge.  Notice what is beyond the edge.  Beyond the edge is the Void.  Allow your awareness to move through your Heart center and into the Void.  Know that you are anchored and held in your Heart center.  Reach into the Void with your very long, extended psychic arm and pull a hand full of this energy back into your Heart center.  Examine it.  See it.  Feel it.  Experience it.  What is it like?  Are you, in fact, part of the Void?  Is the edge only a passing definition?  Rest with the Void.

When you feel ready, bring up your pattern of joy.  Begin to weave with the earth, universe, and your own energy Divine Heart flows of energy.  When you are comfortable weaving, reach into the Void and add it to the flow of weaving energies.  Allow the energies to fill and flow through your pattern of joy.  Let joy fill your body, the room and your whole energy field.  Allow it to fill your life.  Radiate joy into your world.  Let it fill you and support you.

When you are ready to come out of the meditation release the images.  Re-center your awareness in your Heart center.  Feel the joy still creating in your heart.  Feel the harmony that is you.  Feel yourself as joy filled.  Give yourself permission to live in joy.  Move joyfully into your day.  Radiate joy as you go!

Exercise Four


Gently close your eyes.  Relax in a comfortable place and position.  Following the rhythm of your breath or heart, let yourself be drawn into your Center.  Rest in this place of centered awareness.  Ask the very Deepest part of yourself to help you open to the energy of grace.  As you open, request grace to fill you.  Let yourself feel the gentle touch of grace as it moves into your energy field.  How does grace feels to you?  How does it move through you?  Have you been aware of this feeling before in your life?

Rest with grace for a moment.  Let yourself become deeply familiar with how grace feels.  As you are resting, allow yourself to float gently with the energy.  The gentle floating will pull you even deeper into your Center.  Ask grace to help you move deeper into your Center.  Give yourself permission to move into the center of your Light.  Know you are Light.

Feel yourself moving.  Notice the ease with which you move.  If you find a place where you are not moving easily, ask grace to ease you and move you through it.  Feel how fluid and expansive you are.

Align in your Heart center with the Heart center of the earth and the Heart center of the universe.  Gently begin to weave the flows of light.  Weave the light of grace into your weaving of light.  Notice how the energies respond.  Observe how grace moves with the weaving energies.

Choose a situation in your life that you would like to bring the energy of grace to.  Ask, in your Heart center, to see the pattern that represents this situation.  As you weave light, let it touch and move to fill this pattern.  Ask to see another perspective of the situation.  Let grace ease the situation.  Notice as the weaving light works through and around the pattern.  What happens?  Look at the situation again.  Do you have the same view of the situation, or are able to bring a new perspective to it.  Continue to weave light to bring you a new understanding of the situation.

Bring your focus back to your Heart center.  Thank grace for joining in your work.  Affirm your connection to the Light.  Affirm your willingness to be held and supported by the Divine Light.  Ask grace to join with you, supporting you and manifesting in your life.  Thank your Divine center for its continued love and guidance.  Ask your Divine light and grace to move with you and through you.  Stretch and continue your day.  Let your day be filled with Divine Grace.

Exercise Five


It has long been taught that intention is a basic to creation.  The best way to learn about intention is to use it.  We can start with our clear intention to join in the celebration of the wholeness that we are.  We may, also, intend to keep rediscovering the joy and the extent of our wholeness, and radiate it to the world.  Intention opens the way for guidance to move in and assist us.  Guidance comes in many forms.  We only need to recognize it when it comes.


Relax in a quiet spot.  Gently close your eyes.  Focus on your body, relax and stretch it.  Let light flow to any sore or tight spots in your body.  Bring your awareness to your Heart center.  Join with your inner harmony.  Let the harmony express in your whole body.  Create the harmony and alignment with the earth and universe.  Let the energy flow back and forth connecting the Heart center of the universe with your Heart center and the Heart center of the earth.

Focus in your Heart center.  Ask, in your Heart center, to see the pattern that represents your wholeness.  Examine the pattern.  In your Heart state your intention to celebrate that wholeness.  State your intention to keep growing in your understanding and joy of that wholeness.  State your intention to radiate your wholeness to the world.  As you state these intentions, observe the pattern of your wholeness.  Watch to see what happens.  Remember, you are observing.

Let the energies of celebration, understanding and joy move through your Heart center.  Weave them with the light from your Center, the Center of the universe and of the earth.  Let them touch and fill your wholeness pattern.  Watch the pattern as you continue to weave, and bring light to your wholeness.  Feel the joy well up inside of you.  Let the joy spill over into all that you are.  Feel the celebration of life, of your life.  Feel the joy and the celebration join, moving through your entire being.  Let these energies unlock your understanding of who you are.  Let the understanding of your whole being grow within you.  Let it expand and join the joy and celebration of your entirety.

Stay with the celebration, joy and understanding.  Radiate your sense of wholeness, of completeness, to your entire energy field.  Let it fill you and begin to radiate out from your field into the world.  Rest in the energy and allow the celebration, joy and understanding to move from your Deepest center and radiate into the world.  Feel what it is like to be Divine celebration.  Honor your inner world and let it radiate into your outer world.  Let your inner and outer world join as a single radiant expression of Divine celebration!

Stay with the energy until you are ready to end the meditation.  Feel the joy!  Feel the celebration!  Feel the understanding!  Feel your entire field.  Feel your radiance.  Feel your body.  Express your intention to continue to celebration your wholeness.  Express your intention to continue to grow in the understanding and joy of who you are.  Express your intention to radiate the wholeness, understanding and celebration to the world.

Thank the guidance that you will receive to help you continue this process.  Ask them to join you in your celebration.  Feel the joy multiply.  Feel the cosmic giggle.  Feel your light increased.  Let it radiate to the world.  Thank your guidance for all they have helped you with in the past.  Thank them, also, for all they will help you with in the future.  Thank the Deepest part of you for making the guidance available for you.  Then stretch and celebrate your day!  Celebrate you!

Exercise Six


Relax in a place that is comfortable for meditation.  Be aware of  your whole body.  Take a little time to feel each part of your body.  Relax and release your body by bringing light to any tense or tight spots.  Then, bring your awareness to your Heart center.   Open to your Divine harmony.  Rest and allow your body to come into total harmony.  Let your body be held in this perfect vibration.  When you are ready, create harmony with the Heart center of the earth and the Heart center of the universe.  Let the energy flow connecting the Heart centers.  Become a flowing column of light.  Watch the light as it flows gently from the Heart of the universe through your Heart to the center of the earth and back.  Feel your inner connection bringing you strength.  Feel your connection to the earth and the universe supporting you in your inner and outer life.

Be aware of the flow of energy from the Heart centers, yours, the earth and the universe.  Focus in your Heart center.  If you are willing, ask that you receive the help to surrender to the Heart, Mind and Will of God.  Stay focused in your center, knowing that in the surrender you become a more active player.  You take greater responsibility for living the Light that you are.  You just might find greater joy.  You might even find yourself expressing the wisdom that you are!

Gently rock your mental body and allow it to merge and rest in the Mind of God.  Allow your mind to experience the deep love present for it.  Let your mind totally relax.  Rest for a moment.  Let your mind go totally as it rests in the Mind of God.  Let yourself feel the total presence of knowing and love.

Hold your will gently and thank it for getting you to where you are now.  Ask if it is ready to join with the Will of God.  Let your will become one with the Will of God, resting, being held and healed.  Let yourself feel the deep sigh and surrender as your will stops its struggle and gives itself to the greater Will.  Feel your body and notice the difference.   Feel yourself in the flow of the Universe.  Feel the total presence of love and creation.

Allow your mind and will to receive the Light.  Let the Light fill your mind and will.  Let it be comfortable and comforting.  Then open your heart to the Heart of God.  Let there be only one Heart.  Let our emotional body merge with the Heart of God.  As your emotional body rests in the Heart of God, let it feel the love of God touching and healing it.  Let your emotional body feel how totally it is loved.  Let this Heart radiate the Love of God to your entire being.  Fill the body and all your energy fields with the Light and Love.

Ask yourself, as spirit, to vibrate where your body is now.  Your body is in the now.  Your body can only be in the now.  Be aware of yourself in union with the Heart, Mind and Will of God expressing through your body, expressing in the now.  Give yourself permission to seek your truth.  Permission to speak your truth.  Permission to live your truth, and to radiate and express your Divine wisdom.

Rest in this place of One.

When you are ready, feel all the parts of your body.  Feel the wholeness of your body.  Feel you are a part of a great and vast Wholeness.  Know you are One.  Wiggle all the wiggling parts of your body.  Stretch all the parts of your body that stretch.  Allow your new connection to guide you in the day.

Exercise Seven

Connection and Healing

Relax in a comfortable position for meditation.  Close your eyes, and watch your breath.  Let your breath gently flow in and out until you have a comfortable rhythm.  Then, establish the connection between your Heart center, the Heart center of the earth and the Heart center of the universe.  Circulate the energy as you become a column of light.  Allow yourself to expand to fill your body.  Expand to fill the room.  Expand to the Heart center of the earth.  Expand to the Heart center of the universe.  Feel the Heart centers joining.  Feel the joy of the three Hearts working in harmony.  Let yourself feel your freedom and expansiveness.  Open and let all three Hearts join the Heart of God.  Let unconditional love fill you, the earth and universe.  Rest in total love for a moment.  Feel and enjoy the union.

From this expanded space, ask to be in even deeper harmony with your Divine Center.  Allow the harmony to center you fully in your light.  Let your spiritual eyes sense the dazzling light that you are.  Feel the light that you are bathed in.  Open to the wishes of your Deepest Self.  Ask to express those wishes in your life, in your world.  Let the desires from deep within you flow through you and surround you.  State your intention to follow your heart’s desires.  To follow the wishes of your Divine Source.  Let the wishes radiate through you and become your expression.  Let yourself be the channel for the Divine Light that you are.

Feel full of Light and radiate its beauty to the world.  Let each cell in your body become a beacon to radiate your Divine expression on earth.  Let each cell radiate the Divine that is you.  Let yourself radiate for a while.  Let the radiation and movement of light bring you deeper feeling and understanding of your Essence.

Let the Light hold and support you.  Know that the Light is who you are.  Know that it is a deep expression of your Divine Center.  Let the harmony deepen, so that you are vibrating the note of your Deepest Self in harmony with the note of the earth and universe.  Feel the harmony in the universe.  Feel the harmony in you.  Recognize all that you are.  Recognize all that you might be.  See yourself reflected in the universe.  Feel the universe reflected in you.  Feel the love of the universe pour though you answered by the love of the earth.  Feel your love moving and touching the universe and the earth.  Let all become expressed as Light.  See the Light that you are.  Give yourself permission to be the Light that you are.

Rest in the Divine Light.  Let it relax and release your body.    When you are ready, ask to be connected with the deepest level of Divine healing energy that you are ready for.  Radiate the Divine healing energy to your entire body.  Let your body fill with and join with the energy.  Radiate the Divine healing energy to your entire field.  Let the energy flow through you, around you and with you.  Experience the energy.

State your intention to join with your Divine healing energy on ever deepening levels.  State your intention to be a vehicle for healing.  State your intention to be healed and whole.  State your intention to be a clear channel for the Divine Light of healing.  Know that the harmony of your vibration is increasing your ability to clearly channel the deep healing energy available from the Source.

When you are ready, ask for healing to open the channel to your Deepest Self more fully.  Feel the flow of healing energy moving through you.  If you feel there any place the energy is not flowing, open to accept the healing energy into it.  Accept that place in you.  You may know intellectually what the blockage is, or you may just feel a blocked spot.  It does not matter how you perceive the area.  Hold the area in the Divine Light of healing.  Rest with this place.  Bring your own loving humor and understanding to the area.  Watch or feel the energy as it loosens and releases the blockage.

When you are ready, feel your connection to the Divine healing energy.  Feel it fill and move through and around you.  Feel the Divine connection between your Heart center and the Heart centers of the earth and universe.  Feel that you are joined with the Heart of God.  Feel the joy of expression.  Feel the wonder of who you are.  Rest in the harmony of your Heart center.  Rest in the harmony of your body.  Rest in the harmony of your world.  Feel the connections.  Affirm your Divine Expression. Give yourself a hug.  Go into your day more firmly rooted in your Deepest Self.

Exercise Eight


In this exercise, we are going to work on creating and energizing a pattern.  We will create a pattern of radiant health.  The twelve qualities we will choose to incorporate into radiant health are unconditional love, joy, hope, fun, amusement, grace, peace, harmony, radiance, vitality, balance, and willingness.  We will be building radiant health.  While we are building radiant health, we will be focusing on the qualities we are building into it.  The qualities are the primary focus until the pattern is complete.  When the pattern is complete and energized, we  focus on the whole.


Relax in a comfortable position for meditation.  Align with in your deepest Heart center.  Let the harmony you have with your Divine center fill you.  Align and harmonize with the Heart of the earth and the Heart of the universe.  Feel yourself a column of light.  The energy gently opening the communication from the Heart of the universe through your Heart to the Heart of the earth and back again.  Begin to weave the flows of energy from yourself, the universe and the earth.  State clearly your intention to create and energize your own pattern of radiant health.

When you are ready to begin, ask for your pattern for unconditional love to appear for you.  Sit with the pattern for a moment.  Be aware of the energies you are weaving in your Heart center.  Reach into the Void through your heart chakra and add another flow of light to the weaving light in your Heart center.  Fill the pattern of unconditional love with the weaving energies.  Watch and see what happens.

Ask for the pattern of your joy to be added to the pattern of unconditional love.  A new pattern is formed.  Fill this pattern with the weaving energies.  Watch the pattern as it fills and the energy moves through and around it.  Notice how your body feels.  Let the energy flow through you, weaving in your heart chakra.

Ask for the third part of the pattern, hope, to be added to the pieces already in place.  Look at the new shape you have created.  Let the weaving energies fill the pattern.  They are energizing it, bringing it life.

Continue adding the patterns for the individual qualities to the pattern for radiant health until you have the finished it.  You have created the pattern for radiant health.  Weave the energies to fill the pattern.  Watch as the energy fills the pattern and flows out from it.  Watch as the pattern becomes energized and vibrant.

Allow the energized pattern to move into every cell in your body.  Let the pattern becoming the basis for your cells’ health.  Feel each cell receiving and joining with the radiant health you are creating.  Let yourself be held in radiant health, and let it extend through your energy field.  Allow radiant health to become your expression.  Let yourself glow with radiant health.  Focus on your new pattern of health.  Hold the new pattern, and let it hold you.  Give yourself permission to have the new pattern of radiant health.  Give yourself permission to live it and to enjoy it.  Stretch, congratulate yourself on your creation!  Move into your day filled with radiant health.


This is a very exciting and beautiful way to create.  The focus is on creation.  You never worry about letting go.  When you focus on what you want to create, you are automatically letting go of the things that do not support your new creation.  There is no struggle or rehash of the old, only a building of what you truly desire in your life.


You are co-creating.  You move the flow of the undifferentiated Divine Source from the Void, create the pattern, fill it, and let the body’s natural ability to change complete the process.  You are creating, in concert with the Divine, just as the Divine is creating you.  The Divine is being added to, as are you.  It is an infinite loop.  One which weaves back and forth without a beginning or end.

Exercise Nine


Sit in a comfortable position for meditation.  Bring your awareness into your body.  Feel your body.  Bring light and relaxation to any places where you are holding tension.  Let your body release and relax.  Gently, turn your focus to your Heart center.  Open to the all that you are.  Come into harmony with the Deepest part of yourself.  Let that harmony fill your Heart center and spill over into all that you are.  Rest in the total harmony of you.

Create harmony with the Heart Center of the earth.  Feel its rhythm, and feel your own rhythm.  Recognize the harmony present in your communication.  Send your love to the Heart of the earth.  Open to receive the love the earth has for you.  Notice the beauty and magnitude of love you have to share with each other.  Enjoy the sharing.

Create harmony between your Heart center and the Heart center of the universe.  Feel the power and strength in yourself and in the universe.  Feel the joy in the communication.  Feel the joy in the creative expression that you have together.  Open to the love the universe has for you.  Allow yourself to feel the love you have for the universe.  Feel the joy and love you share with the universe.  Feel the vibrant flow.

Feel the earth join the conversation.  Let the energy flow freely between your Heart, the Heart of the earth, and the Heart of the universe.  Feel what that communication holds.  What are the feelings and emotions joining you, the universe and the earth?  Let them move through you and the extended column of light that you are.  Become aware of your magnificent Light.  See it reflected in the earth.  Allow yourself to see the deep beauty and love that is the earth.  Feel that reflection in yourself.  Let yourself see the power and creativity present in the universe.  See it reflected in yourself.  See the Divine in the earth.  See the Divine in the universe.  Watch as the earth and universe reflect to each other.  Notice what happens as the reflections move.  Recognize your own Divine reflection.

Know that you are always able to choose your expression.  Choose what you wish to express.  Knowing that you have total choice over your expression.  You may choose to honor and engage any or all energies.  Feel the beauty and power that you are.  Know your ability to choose.

Watch the light as it continues to move.  Begin to recognize  your reflection in the earth, the earth’s reflection in you.  Watch your refection in the universe, the universe’s reflection in you.  You are you, and you are Divine.  Rest in your Divine center.  Notice, as you rest in your Divine Center, all motion comes to rest.  There is a feeling of quiet, of stillness.  This is your peace.  Rest in the peace that is the Center of who you are.  Focus on the ease and quiet that is present.  Let the peace that is the I Am radiate through your entire being.  Let this peace be strong in your inner light.  You might choose inner peace as one of your expressions.  Embrace the peace that you are.

Rest in the peace of your being.  Ask that your inner tone and outer tone become one note.  Let the tone which is the Deepest part of you become the tone of you meditating in the chair.  The closest harmony you can express, two notes sounding as one.  Let this tone move through you.  There is no difference between the inner and the outer you.  There is only you.  There is only Divine.

Rest in your peace.  Rest in your knowing.  Radiate your peace to the earth and to the universe.  Find the joy and love present in your peace.  Let them reach to the extent of your light field.  Claim your power, beauty and wonder.  Give yourself permission to express these in your light, in your love and in your wisdom.

Rest with the energies.  When you are ready to end the mediation, feel, again, the joy, love, and peace present in yourself.  Move into your day radiate these energies for yourself and the world.

We bring you our love, light and wisdom.  We share these with you so that we might all grow in our love and understanding.  It is through your commitment to your Divine expression that you will become all of who you are.  We pray that you may become the fullest expression of your Divine essence manifest on the earth plane.  And that you see and recognize that expression as yours.


Thank you for joining with us in our work.  We are deeply grateful and bring to you our deepest love.  Spirit

(c) 1993  by Linda Saurenman

All Rights Reserved.

Second printing 1994
Third printing 2012

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