a time to choose!


When I wrote with my guides this morning, I was touched by what they had to say.  They talked of the upcoming solstice as a time of choosing yourself. We have talked about that before and they felt that particularly now it is an important to encourage us to find our own love and embrace ourselves.

They finished with this message:
Come into the time of choosing. Choose the love that you are. Choose to nurture that love and bring it into the fullness of you. Do this and you will bring love and joy into this world!

A simple and wonderful thought for today! Thanks for Choosing You! Much love!! Linda


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changing seasons


As we shifted from winter into spring, my guides wrote about the importance of recognizing ourselves as light and love as they often do. I would like to share their thoughts with you.

Let this point of the change of the seasons bring with it the impetus to see your light wholly and truly. If you are experiencing fall with a lessening of solar light, increase your light to shine more brightly. If you are experiencing spring, allow your light to be augmented by the solar light and increase accordingly.

The idea is to increase the expression of your true identity. You are light, you are love, you are eternal beings, you are the expression of Divinity as it rests and shines from your heart.

Let the changing season bring you joy! Thanks for shining!! Much love, Linda



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happy thanksgiving to you!




Yesterday my guides wrote to me about the period of time we are entering by celebrating Thanksgiving. They talked about the love and flow of energy through the holidays. Each person celebrates the next few weeks in their own cultural or religious way. In the northern hemisphere it is moving from the time of most darkness and welcoming the return of light. In the southern hemisphere it is just the opposite. In each case we recognize magnificence of light.

So please join me in honoring the light, the light that you are and the light you share with the world. I am grateful for you and your light. Let that gratitude be a blessing that allows your light to increase the love, joy, blessings and peace on this world. Thanks for letting your light shine! Much love and a very Happy Thanksgiving! Linda


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more joy!

SF 2015 DSC_0416a

My guides and angels have been stressing that joy can be an inside job! Think of something that brings you joy and feel the joy vibrate inside of you.  You have found your joy spot! When you need to bring more joy into your life, revisit that spot and breathe into the joy that you are hiding there! It expands and fills you! It works! It even works in the dentist chair, I have done it!

The angels said this today: At this point in time, take responsibility for your joy and pursuing that joy with love. Shortly, you will be prompted to become that joy and love. It is a return to home, a return to a place that has been a deep memory, a dream.

We leave you this day to awaken your dream of joy in love and in peace. Our blessings to each of you!

Thanks for awakening your JOY! Much love, Linda


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holding you


My guides wrote with me this morning and I am so happy to share it with you:

Holding you in our light so that your light may be nurtured and grow is what we are here for. We meet your every sigh and cry for help, just as we meet your joy and laughter. We love you no matter what. Please take that into your heart and find the peace and joy you are constantly being offered.


Thanks for being you! Much love Linda



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believe it

2015 Huntington DSC_8601a

This morning my guides reminded me.

We have said it many times and many ways. We will say it again and again until each heart on earth believes it. You are love. You are light. You are Divine essence.

Open to the love that you are and allow that to inform your life. Let it bring you the Peace and Joy you long for. It is you. It is yours. Thanks for believing! Much love Linda


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My guides suggested.

For this day, we bring you peace and the knowledge that you are love. There is only love. Look with eyes that seek love and you will find it in every instance.

e-note 17

I am doing Panache Desai’s 21 day program. It is a wonderful treat! One of the things that he is stressing (as well as several other teachers and my guides) is breathing! It is a good thing to breathe always but we are talking about an aware breath. To sit or lay quietly upon waking and follow your breath in and out for 3 or 4 minutes receiving the blessing of the breath is an amazing way to start your day.

Nora Herold, who channels a number of body challenged friends, suggested a breath that enters through your heart center and then spreads north and south filling all your chakras. This is helpful to me because it gives me a little more to focus on. You know that monkey mind likes to play.

When you sit quietly and breathe, you are in communication with All That Is. Give yourself the gift of Divine communion as you start your day.  Thanks for breathing! Lots of love, Linda

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Give yourself the gift of joy with each moment! You are love and love loves to be Joyful!

e-note 6

Today is the first day of a new spring. The beginning of a new year. A new year that starts with growth and that is filled with life. I am making a commitment to add as much joy to each day as I can possible add! When you add joy, your love slides into your life right beside the joy. What could be better than that!
Remember the last time you felt that expanded joy fill you! You can bring that memory back at any given moment. Let the memory fill you with your joy and bring it into your present moment. Be expanded, fill with joy and then let your love awaken and fill you too. Thanks for your Joy! Much love Linda

divinely beautiful


Let your hearts expand. Touch each other, heart to heart. Let your hearts express as one; one heart, one love, Divinely beautiful.

 e-note 5
What a perfect message for Valentine’s Day! I channeled with a dear friend yesterday. The guides gave us the image of us being like a harp. When we pluck one string, other strings vibrate in response to that string. When we choose a string such as joy or gratitude, we not only start the string of joy or gratitude vibrating but also the string of love vibrates. So for Valentine’s Day I am giving myself permission to express my joy and vibrate joy and love, a two part harmony no less!  Thanks for touching my heart! Love Linda