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My guides and angels have been stressing that joy can be an inside job! Think of something that brings you joy and feel the joy vibrate inside of you.  You have found your joy spot! When you need to bring more joy into your life, revisit that spot and breathe into the joy that you are hiding there! It expands and fills you! It works! It even works in the dentist chair, I have done it!

The angels said this today: At this point in time, take responsibility for your joy and pursuing that joy with love. Shortly, you will be prompted to become that joy and love. It is a return to home, a return to a place that has been a deep memory, a dream.

We leave you this day to awaken your dream of joy in love and in peace. Our blessings to each of you!

Thanks for awakening your JOY! Much love, Linda


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My guides and angels talked with me this morning. They mentioned that we are waking up to the knowledge that we are all One. As we do to our sisters and brothers, so we are doing to ourselves. The guides and angels said it much nicer!

Hold the knowing that each heart is awakening. First to the love that each heart holds and then to the Unity of all life. Be blessed in this knowing.

Thanks for awakening! Much love, Linda

 © 2015 All rights reserved for this and all photographs and posts in this blog.

divinely beautiful


Let your hearts expand. Touch each other, heart to heart. Let your hearts express as one; one heart, one love, Divinely beautiful.

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What a perfect message for Valentine’s Day! I channeled with a dear friend yesterday. The guides gave us the image of us being like a harp. When we pluck one string, other strings vibrate in response to that string. When we choose a string such as joy or gratitude, we not only start the string of joy or gratitude vibrating but also the string of love vibrates. So for Valentine’s Day I am giving myself permission to express my joy and vibrate joy and love, a two part harmony no less!  Thanks for touching my heart! Love Linda


Photo by Maggie Taylor

Thanks to Maggie Taylor for her wonderful photograph!!

We are approaching the winter solstice and I feel the angels walking with each of us. This is the time of year so many traditions hold sacred. How could we find a better time to open to the love that comes from our angel friends? When you allow yourself to receive love, you are better able share your love with others. In this sharing you are able to radiate the love that you are. The angels are here to help us remember this sharing. We are one world, let us be one world of love, peace and joy! The creation of this loving, peaceful, joyous world starts in each of our hearts. Thanks for reading! Much love, Linda


In good company!

Most who will read this blog will be interested in spirit and the great changes that we are moving through.  The short pieces that are offered here are collaboration with my guides.  I hope they inspire you as they inspire me.  Thanks for reading!

ImageWe live in union with all creation, large and small, seen and unseen.  Angels are a part of Creation.  We live side by side with angels.

Angels have a very special place on earth.  They are here to inspire and hold us in our journeys.  We move though life with angels at our sides. They are with us when we are joyful and with us when we are not. We are held in their love and feel their special presence on earth through that love.

Angels constantly remind us that we are love.  They remind us that we are here to express love, first to ourselves and then to the world.  The love you are here to express is not sentimental love but a love that knows no bounds. We love because that is who we are.  A rose will open to become a rose; a human in bloom has a heart that is open, loving. The beauty of the love that radiates from an open heart is limitless and breathe taking.  It extends outward from the heart and engages all that it touches.  It is in the engaging that the unity of life is expressed.  It is in the giving and receiving of love that we are reminded of our union with the Creator.

Our angel friends are here to help and guide us. They are ready at our request. We can start working with them in small ways. One little step at a time, opening our hearts. You will find they are wonderful friends and playmates!  Much Love! Linda

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