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I was writing with my guides the other day and when we were about to close the session they wrote:

We leave you with this thought for today. It is your spring time. It is the time when the story of the promise of Christ is highlighted. What is the story of Christ but a story of a man who found and embraced his Divine Center, his love. He then brought his love into the world. You too can open to your Divine Center and share your love with the world.

As nature re-awakens in spring, we too can re-awaken to that deepest part of ourselves. We can celebrate the love that we are and the abundance and love the earth brings to us. Take a moment to celebrate, reflect and re-awaken to your Divine Center, to your love!!! Thanks for being love!! Much love Linda

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a joyful new year!

by Hugh Saurenman ©

by Hugh Saurenman ©

New Years Eve comes heaped with things we resolve to do or not to do. How about keeping it simple and promising ourselves to create more and more joy each day. You can start your day with a beautiful smile just for you in the mirror. Joy! Here is to a 2015 filled with heaps of Joy and lots of Love! Thanks for smiling! Lots of love Linda


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Each of you has walked a rough road to arrive at today. Rest now by the road side. Put down the judgments, beliefs and pain that you have been carrying and rest in the Divine Light that you are. Be a beacon for all who are traveling your way! Thanks for resting! Much Love Linda


e-note 13

This is part of what the guides had to say today. Read on for more of their thoughts!

Humans are being asked to see themselves as light and not through the judgments of the past. How you have defined who you are is changing. It is changing rapidly. Your definition of you from a year ago, a month ago, yesterday no longer fits. Over the past few years more and more of your Divine light has been shining through you. You have fought it and denied it with your judgments. It is almost time when it will be impossible to do this any longer. Many who are moving fully into their multidimensional selves will need to fully recognize that they are Divine essence manifest in physical form. To do this, rest in your light. It is that simple!


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The re-awakening of human-kind will come in the quiet stillness of their hearts. As each of you feel the warmth of the sun touch you, it will herald a new moment. A moment in which you will understand that the warmth, light, love that has quietly rested in the background of who you are is emerging. Re-awaken to that love within you.

This is what you are about. There is no greater gift to yourself or the earth than the act of giving and receiving love. A simple act that alights the whole of life. For love is life and life cannot be without the love that animates it. Thanks for waking up! Much love Linda


e-note 12

When you are aware of the love inside of you that is ready to emerge, just allow. There is nothing you have to do, no where you need to be, there is only the need for you to be.

When you just “be”, you allow love to animate you and move you through life. This is when things can become very interesting. For you will still have wishes and desires and these will be met and filled with love. As you open more to love, your wishes and desires will be filled. You will open a door and allow the love to come in and fill you.

You say how can this be? We say you are a creator being, a creator being does its work as part of a team. You are a driver of a team of beings who are here to help for fill your creations just as you are part of a team that helps to fill other’s creations.

Creation has several moments. Sometimes they are strung close together and sometimes miles apart. There is the initial spark that lights a desire for or to do something. Then there is a period of gestation when the flame is coaxed into a flame and creation starts an internal structure. This is when the rest of the team begins its work. The structures is taken and the fluffing or fleshing out happens until the creation is whole and ready to be birthed. The act of bringing the creation into the world is again a joint venture the creator and the team move the creation into matter. Then celebrate their creation joyfully.

The light and love and joy that are coming more and more into the world now are so there can be a heart opening. An opening in each human heart. Each heart has within it the capacity to love beyond human measure. This is foretold by the Christ story. This man, a human, who opened to his heart deeply and allowed his divine nature to shine through. This is an ability that each human on earth is being asked to emulate. The miraculous transformation that awaits each of you will amaze and delight you.

The desire for this opening was set before you entered physical form. You have laid the ground work, you have built the structure. We are now holding you and please allow us to help with our part. This is where we hold you and add to creation. Then await the birth, the birth of the Christ within your heart; within each heart of humanity. Birthing humanity into one heart.


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divinely beautiful


Let your hearts expand. Touch each other, heart to heart. Let your hearts express as one; one heart, one love, Divinely beautiful.

 e-note 5
What a perfect message for Valentine’s Day! I channeled with a dear friend yesterday. The guides gave us the image of us being like a harp. When we pluck one string, other strings vibrate in response to that string. When we choose a string such as joy or gratitude, we not only start the string of joy or gratitude vibrating but also the string of love vibrates. So for Valentine’s Day I am giving myself permission to express my joy and vibrate joy and love, a two part harmony no less!  Thanks for touching my heart! Love Linda

e-note 4


Happy 2014!! We are moving into the year of creation. We are leaving behind much of who we thought or knew we were and stepping on to uncharted ground. It is exciting and a little nervy at the same time.

A friend wrote to me today to ask for Ralfee Finn’s website I hadn’t read it over the past month, so I took a minute to do just that. Ralfee has an interesting look at the year ahead. It looks like another hold on to your hats year. But more importantly, she had a story towards the beginning of the piece about a dog and how the story influenced a talk she gave. She in her talk she talked about love rather than several other possible choices. Ralfee’s writing trigger what I was trying to say in the two blogs I posted the other evening!

As we move into this year, old things maybe resurfacing just to check in with you to make sure you don’t want to keep your old patterns. Love is your answer too. It is time to awaken to and embrace the fact that you are love. You are love at the very core of who you are and to the far reaches of your edges. You are nothing but love. It’s simple. As you open to your simplicity, you will find that love can hold whatever is arising in you. Welcome all that arises in you and allow love to hold it. You are that magnificent, you are love!

Sending you lots and lots of love! Linda

merry christmas!

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Christmas celebrates the return of light to the planet through the birth of the baby Jesus. Recently at the Solstice, each of us had a heart opening. With an open heart you can allow the Christ consciousness to be born in you. What is this consciousness? It is the knowledge that you are a child of God. Celebrate the love that you are this day and always!  Thanks for reading. Much love Linda