Each of you has walked a rough road to arrive at today. Rest now by the road side. Put down the judgments, beliefs and pain that you have been carrying and rest in the Divine Light that you are. Be a beacon for all who are traveling your way! Thanks for resting! Much Love Linda


e-note 13

This is part of what the guides had to say today. Read on for more of their thoughts!

Humans are being asked to see themselves as light and not through the judgments of the past. How you have defined who you are is changing. It is changing rapidly. Your definition of you from a year ago, a month ago, yesterday no longer fits. Over the past few years more and more of your Divine light has been shining through you. You have fought it and denied it with your judgments. It is almost time when it will be impossible to do this any longer. Many who are moving fully into their multidimensional selves will need to fully recognize that they are Divine essence manifest in physical form. To do this, rest in your light. It is that simple!


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