e-note 4


Happy 2014!! We are moving into the year of creation. We are leaving behind much of who we thought or knew we were and stepping on to uncharted ground. It is exciting and a little nervy at the same time.

A friend wrote to me today to ask for Ralfee Finn’s website http://www.aquariumage.com/vibration.html. I hadn’t read it over the past month, so I took a minute to do just that. Ralfee has an interesting look at the year ahead. It looks like another hold on to your hats year. But more importantly, she had a story towards the beginning of the piece about a dog and how the story influenced a talk she gave. She in her talk she talked about love rather than several other possible choices. Ralfee’s writing trigger what I was trying to say in the two blogs I posted the other evening!

As we move into this year, old things maybe resurfacing just to check in with you to make sure you don’t want to keep your old patterns. Love is your answer too. It is time to awaken to and embrace the fact that you are love. You are love at the very core of who you are and to the far reaches of your edges. You are nothing but love. It’s simple. As you open to your simplicity, you will find that love can hold whatever is arising in you. Welcome all that arises in you and allow love to hold it. You are that magnificent, you are love!

Sending you lots and lots of love! Linda

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