be love!

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I was writing with my guides the other day and when we were about to close the session they wrote:

We leave you with this thought for today. It is your spring time. It is the time when the story of the promise of Christ is highlighted. What is the story of Christ but a story of a man who found and embraced his Divine Center, his love. He then brought his love into the world. You too can open to your Divine Center and share your love with the world.

As nature re-awakens in spring, we too can re-awaken to that deepest part of ourselves. We can celebrate the love that we are and the abundance and love the earth brings to us. Take a moment to celebrate, reflect and re-awaken to your Divine Center, to your love!!! Thanks for being love!! Much love Linda

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believe it

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This morning my guides reminded me.

We have said it many times and many ways. We will say it again and again until each heart on earth believes it. You are love. You are light. You are Divine essence.

Open to the love that you are and allow that to inform your life. Let it bring you the Peace and Joy you long for. It is you. It is yours. Thanks for believing! Much love Linda


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a joyful new year!

by Hugh Saurenman ©

by Hugh Saurenman ©

New Years Eve comes heaped with things we resolve to do or not to do. How about keeping it simple and promising ourselves to create more and more joy each day. You can start your day with a beautiful smile just for you in the mirror. Joy! Here is to a 2015 filled with heaps of Joy and lots of Love! Thanks for smiling! Lots of love Linda


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Christmas Angel

Angels watch over us all the time. Most of us get into enough trouble that it is really nice that they have our backs! So this evening when Angels watch over the birth of a baby who would show the world how to love, feel the love the Angels have for us all. That love is a reflection of your love. Take a quiet moment to feel the love that you are. Rejoice with the Angels at the Divine birth within your heart. Thanks for loving! Merry Christmas!! Much love Linda


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Open your heart to this day! Use the joy you create to feel the love that you are! Thanks for feeling joyful! Much love, Linda


e-note 14

There is a lot of stuff going on in the world these days. A lot of it less than pleasing and down right disturbing. My guides remind me that LOVE is the answer. We experience many kinds of love in our earth lives. When the guides talk of love, they talk of an all-encompassing love, love that is unconditional. Some days that feels a bit beyond me. So they say, JOY. Find the joy within yourself and each moment and soon that joy will turn into love.

At my guides behest, I started an e-mail blast that reminds me and many of my friends to be joyful.  I would like to suggest finding joy every chance you get.  A good way to start is to by humming the chorus to the Hoyt Axton song that 3 Dog Night made famous:

“Joy to the world,
All the boys and girls, now,
Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea,
(I’ll add All our buddies with 4 feet and wings)
Joy to you and me.”

Hum a few bars of that and you have to feel joyful. You’ll have a big smile! And can be bathed in joy and share that joy with the world!

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The waves dance with the shore. Each wave changes the ocean, changes the shore and changes you! It is a dance of joy and laughter. There is love in the joy and laughter. There is love in change. Seek the love in your changes and allow that love to walk you through each changing dance step! Thanks for dancing! Much love Linda

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All the flavors of love are with you moment to moment. They are waiting for you to choose one of them. What flavor of love will you try today? Thanks for loving! Sending you my special flavor of Love! Linda


e-note 11

The guides have been talking to me about love. There are many kinds of love and we encounter them every day. There is love in a quiet morning, there is love in the laugh of a child or even a big person, our pets love us, we love our friends and we may even love someone special.  Our world is filled with love. The guides said it best, “Love is everywhere, you are held in love, and you are filled with love. You awake to love every day and you fall asleep to love every night. You are love. There is only love.”

The Divine loves us constantly. Divine love is all the types of love we know in one wrapper. It is total love, it is unconditional and accepts all parts of us. Not just the parts we like. The Divine even loves the parts of us that we really don’t care for. If the Divine can love those icky parts of ourselves, then maybe we can give those parts of ourselves a little break! Give yourself a big hug and enjoy loving yourself!


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