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The angels were talking with me the other day and they reminded me about Joy!

Joy is an inside job! Once you let a little of that joy out of your secret hiding place, it allows joy to become free in the world. Nature loves to reflect your joy back to you. This allows you to bring more of your joy forward and to start an unending cycle of joy being manifest in large and small ways! Thanks for being Joyful! Much love, Linda

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Open your heart to this day! Use the joy you create to feel the love that you are! Thanks for feeling joyful! Much love, Linda


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There is a lot of stuff going on in the world these days. A lot of it less than pleasing and down right disturbing. My guides remind me that LOVE is the answer. We experience many kinds of love in our earth lives. When the guides talk of love, they talk of an all-encompassing love, love that is unconditional. Some days that feels a bit beyond me. So they say, JOY. Find the joy within yourself and each moment and soon that joy will turn into love.

At my guides behest, I started an e-mail blast that reminds me and many of my friends to be joyful.  I would like to suggest finding joy every chance you get.  A good way to start is to by humming the chorus to the Hoyt Axton song that 3 Dog Night made famous:

“Joy to the world,
All the boys and girls, now,
Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea,
(I’ll add All our buddies with 4 feet and wings)
Joy to you and me.”

Hum a few bars of that and you have to feel joyful. You’ll have a big smile! And can be bathed in joy and share that joy with the world!

© 2014 All rights reserved for this an all photographs and posted in this blog.

gain everything


You give up nothing to be love and you gain everything.


e-note 10

As a preface to the above sentence my guides wanted this to be known too.

The solstice is coming in a short time. The energy this solstice showers on you is asking you to open to love. And in that opening, to let go of all that you think you are that doesn’t say love.

You are love embodied in a physical form. You are love made flesh. There is not much else to say only that the deepest part of you aches to be remembered, it has always been there ready to come back into your life. Open that door just a little and allow your love to come into your life. For Love is who you truly are. Thanks for reading, thanks for Loving! Linda


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e-note 3


Hope you all had a great New Year! We are reminded to continue remembering that we are an emanation of Divine Love. Part of the remembering is learning how to love ourselves enough to accept and love all of who we are. Some days that is easy, some days not so much. We can begin our day by giving ourselves a big hug!! That should give us a great start to the day! Much love Linda

PS. Nora Herold is a channel from Ojai whose work is pretty amazing. She has a U-Tube that you might like to listen to: Same message different words. Enjoy! 

e-note 2


My friends!

All the best to each of you during this season of holidays and holy days. We have been in a period of intense growth moving towards this just past winter solstice. Growth that has been in some cases hard won through spiritual, emotional or physical pain. You are doing it. You are anchoring more and more love on the planet. I have it on good authority that your guides, angels and sentient beings though out the solar system and universe are grateful for your work!

You are probably very tired of me urging you to breathe and breathe again. If you will hear me out one (well, probably not only one) more time, give yourself a few moments of being aware of your gentle breath in and out. As you breathe, allow yourself to feel and receive the love of the Divine. Just as you are Divine, the Divine is all around you and as you focus on your gentle breath you are relaxing and allowing the Divinity that is all around you to move into your body. As the Love outside meets the Love inside of you, it will increase. I had a teacher (Bartholomew for those of you who have been at this for a while) who said we will have truly come to know ourselves as the Divine Love that is within us is equal to the Divine Love that is outside of us. I probably didn’t say it as nicely as he did but you get the idea. Love yourself, fill yourself with Love, celebrate the Love that you are!

Wishing you all the love, joy and peace of this wondrous season. Much Much Love! Linda


Thanksgiving is a whole day devoted to giving Thanks! It is a kick off to a season of wonderful friends, good food, parties, and yes, love. When you are grateful, you open the door to the love that you are. Your love can peek out and say Hi!! to you and the world. I am grateful that you are here to share this journey with me. My love is peeking out! So, let’s have a little fun loving ourselves and each other! Thanks for loving! Happy Thanksgiving, Linda