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All the flavors of love are with you moment to moment. They are waiting for you to choose one of them. What flavor of love will you try today? Thanks for loving! Sending you my special flavor of Love! Linda


e-note 11

The guides have been talking to me about love. There are many kinds of love and we encounter them every day. There is love in a quiet morning, there is love in the laugh of a child or even a big person, our pets love us, we love our friends and we may even love someone special.  Our world is filled with love. The guides said it best, “Love is everywhere, you are held in love, and you are filled with love. You awake to love every day and you fall asleep to love every night. You are love. There is only love.”

The Divine loves us constantly. Divine love is all the types of love we know in one wrapper. It is total love, it is unconditional and accepts all parts of us. Not just the parts we like. The Divine even loves the parts of us that we really don’t care for. If the Divine can love those icky parts of ourselves, then maybe we can give those parts of ourselves a little break! Give yourself a big hug and enjoy loving yourself!


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