My guides suggested.

For this day, we bring you peace and the knowledge that you are love. There is only love. Look with eyes that seek love and you will find it in every instance.

e-note 17

I am doing Panache Desai’s 21 day program. It is a wonderful treat! One of the things that he is stressing (as well as several other teachers and my guides) is breathing! It is a good thing to breathe always but we are talking about an aware breath. To sit or lay quietly upon waking and follow your breath in and out for 3 or 4 minutes receiving the blessing of the breath is an amazing way to start your day.

Nora Herold, who channels a number of body challenged friends, suggested a breath that enters through your heart center and then spreads north and south filling all your chakras. This is helpful to me because it gives me a little more to focus on. You know that monkey mind likes to play.

When you sit quietly and breathe, you are in communication with All That Is. Give yourself the gift of Divine communion as you start your day.  Thanks for breathing! Lots of love, Linda

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    Please follow this blog and like/comment on the posts. Id appreciate it much because i need to submit this as an assignment and it really matters to me. Thanks.

  2. Thanks. My guides are good at leading us to follow our hearts.

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