deeper love


Nora Herold in her monthly channeling of the Pleiadeans talked about how we are going to be stepping into new rolls. These rolls will put us in the position of guides and teachers to our fellow earth friends. In this morning’s channeling, my angelic friends had the following to say:

Each of you are moving into a new phase. You are now in a position to hold love for yourself and because you are able to do that, you can open and show others how to love themselves. Loving yourself is an on-going theme for each of you. You came to this earth to bring love and joy, you have persevered and have been successful many ways your whole life. This is now opening and you will start to emit love and joy in greater and greater ways. This may not become a public life but you will have an impactful life.

Thanks for sharing your love and joy with the world! Happy Valentine’s Day! Much love and much chocolate! Linda


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