finding joy!

Huntington 2014_DSC_5304b

Sending you love and blessings from me and the guides! It is an interesting and intense time we are engaged in. Many deep breaths are very helpful and often necessary. Our expansion and integration continues as we become more of who we are. There have been many astronomical events during September that have intensified the process, you may have felt that! If not, GREAT! If you have, hang in there, we are being pushed hard at the moment and it won’t last forever.

The other morning my guides reminded me:

Go back and focus on Joy. Try to be aware of all that is going on now. It is a lot for the human mind to take in. Joy is an overriding factor that opens the way for love to be realized. Joy aligns the being with a forward expanding movement. This movement is what you are seeking.

So walk in the joy and create more joy with every step! We leave you this day in Joy, Peace and Love.

Thanks for finding Joy! Lots of love, Linda


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