a heart centering meditation


It has become more and more important in my life to be heart centered. Yesterday, a friend and I did the meditation below. Then this morning I asked my guides to comment on being heart centered and here is what they said:

As a spiritual being in a physical body the heart is your link to who you are. It is the pathway for communications with the deepest part of yourself. As you, each, move deeper into your heart connections, it will become primary in your life. The ability for you as a physical being to continually be aware and in communication with your spiritual-Divine self is the greatest gift you can give yourself. So, engage with your heart center, your Divine connection, and let it bring you love, joy, and grace moment to moment.

Thanks for letting resting in your heart! Much love!! Linda


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2 thoughts on “a heart centering meditation

  1. carolwaywood says:

    Hi Linda,

    I had a chance to do the meditation today and I really found it interesting. I actually had a little pain in my heart. I will have to ponder that. Is this something I can do everyday? I would really like to do that. Do let me know when you have chance.

    Lots of love and Happy 4th!



    • Hi Carol!
      Happy 4th of July to you too!
      A pain will sometimes pop up while doing a meditation. The pain is past trauma or resistance. When this happens breath into the pain first as an observation and then breath love into the area. Do this for several times. If that doesn’t work, call me and we can work it together.
      Sending you lots of love! Linda

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