sending light!


Our world speaks to us in many ways. We were watching an old TV show the other night, Chuck. In the show, Chuck says to a friend, “Go with your heart, buddy.  Our brains only screw things up.” This is what my guides and guides all over have been whispering and shouting at us for a while. We are finally hearing their plea. We are moving into our hearts and stepping into the world from there. The result is an outpouring of love in the form of light from each of us. Here are my guides’ thoughts:

Each of you is stepping into a place of greater light. As this light shines forth from you, you are sending love in the form of light into the world.

Those who are unable to recognize their own light will be drawn to you and your light. They will not understand why. You may find the additional people drawn into your circle difficult. We would suggest that light knows no limits and it has no boundaries. However, as a being with a physical form, you do. The best way, we would think, to handle the influx of attention and energy is to step into your heart center. Stepping into your heart center allows you to honor yourself and give yourself what you need. Once you have met your own needs and nurtured your light, you will be able to share that light willingly and with ease.

The need to tend your own light has always been present. At this time the need is greater, and the results of caring for your light is twofold. You are supporting and loving yourself, and you are showing others how to step into their light and grow it as well.

Thanks for caring for your light! Sending lots of love!! Linda


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4 thoughts on “sending light!

  1. Sandra Gene Harris says:

    Dear Linda,
    Your quote of your guides thoughts have resonated with me today as I open my heart to a family I have been denied access to for most of my life. This is exciting and I find it hard to contain myself while it unfolds. Might you have any suggestions on how to maneuver through my future with a “new” family? My birthday is 9-9-1942, if important.
    Thank you for whatever thoughts you may have for me. ☮️ Sandra

    • Hi Sandra,
      I am so happy for you! You opened your heart and you are following your heart. I have something I say to myself often, “My heart is my guide”. I hope you feel free to adopt that as your go to that knowing. My other thought is to keep breathing. You have expanded in to a whole unfamiliar world. I am thankful for your note and I know you are grateful for this opportunity to reunite with your family. Lots and lots of love, Linda

      • Sandra Gene Harris says:

        Hi Linda,
        I am grateful for your positive response and encouragement. Especially since the family I have found includes you! I have found your name in the Bastianelli family history as written by Genesta Troisi! Can you believe this? Peace and love to you, my cousin !

        Sandra Gene Harris

  2. Neat! Looking forward to learning more. I have been looking for my copy of that, now I have to find it. Reach me at Much love Linda

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