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We are all looking for guidance. My guides’ suggestion would be to listen to your heart. This is something we are re-learning. So. Practice. Practice. Practice. This will help you begin to understand how your heart speaks to you. Start simple.  Ask for guidance on a simple matter and then stay aware to urges to do something or to move in certain directions. Here is what my guides have to say:

In order, to fore fill the energetic pathway, one must follow their hearts. This is something that most are re-learning. The heart speaks to us in whispers and urges. These you will come to recognize with focus and practice. The more you recognize and then follow through in the whispers or urges, the more (guidance) you will be offered.

We spoke of trust a while ago. This listening and acting on the hearts messages builds a trust between your everyday self and your heart. This is where you are going. This will put you firmly on your energetic pathway. The pathway of the heart.

Thanks for listening to your heart!!! Sending lots of love your way! Linda

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4 thoughts on “find your way

  1. Hi Linda — I want to share this great blog and post with you. The song, Land of the Silver Birch, stirs a deep overlay of emotions, and truly touches the heart :)) Dawn

  2. It really does touch the heart. Between the song and the photos, it’s very moving. I am getting ready to watch it again. I looked around the rest of the site and am following. Thanks for the tip! Lots of love!!

  3. Thanks! I appreciate the tip. I don’t have a lot of opportunity to look around. I followed yours when someone told me about it!
    Have a good week! Lots of love going your way!

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