mother earth

Henderson 2014DSC_5442a

Walk hand in hand with Mother Earth and feel the love that the Earth has for you. Let yourself love her back and celebrate her wondrous gifts.  Thanks for celebrating! Much Love Linda

e-note 7

Are you grounded? Are you still breathing…you must be breathing because you are reading this blog. We have been through a period of huge change. The change has been mostly internal. Congratulations! We have a brief moment to relax before the summer solstice. The summer solstice promises us more growth. Don’t run screaming to hide under the bed…instead find something that warms your heart. Something that lets you smile to the very center of your being and relaxes your body. Being in nature or hanging out with a favorite pet just might do it for you.  Find what brings you ease and a smile. Feel the joy!

I also recommend listening to a brief TED Talk (only about 15 minutes) by Amanda Gore. She will make you smile! She gives advice on loving and being joyful. Zoot to each and every one of you! Many Zoots! Linda


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