hold yourself!

2014 MA ME NH DSC_6443a

We would ask you, first and always, to love yourself. Hold yourself in love. View yourself as love. Be in love with yourself and be the love that you are. Thanks for loving! And lots of love Linda

e-note 16

As part of this discussion the guides continued:

As you bring the parts of yourself into your love, they meld and blend and become you, become love. Each of you has a personality that can be reoriented by you. You can choose the parts of yourself you prefer to exhibit and do so. While at the same time, loving those parts you are not choosing to exhibit in the moment.

You, each of you, will create yourselves moment to moment.  All those bits and pieces of you are important. If not in this very moment, perhaps the next.

Loving yourself moment to moment is a choice. It is always available to you as that choice!

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