choosing JOY!

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I was transcribing some of my channeling today. The guides were talking about the energy used in choosing and creating something. I thought this was helpful and interesting!

When you make your choice from joy, that joy carries through all the energy that is created thereafter on that project. The same is true when you make your choice from love or anger. The vibration that is held in the initial action is threaded through the entire creation. It informs creation.

Thanks for choosing JOY! Much love Linda

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2 thoughts on “choosing JOY!

  1. Kenneth Singmaster says:

    Dear Linda
    I just had my Birthday Oct 27th and for some
    Reason I have been thinking of you.
    Some 30 years ago I came to your Bedford street
    Home in Concord – several times- very
    Illuminating and important.i owned Handworks
    In Acton.
    For some reason I am reaching out to
    Perhaps set up a time or session.
    I now live in Tucson with my fiancé who
    Just had her birthday Oct 31.
    Hope this kinds you well.
    Ken Singmaster

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