relax, meditate, have fun and be joyful!


Our lives are filled with change. We are expanding our awareness. We are opening and re-integrating with the Divinity that has always rested within us. To do this, we have released energy density from this life and many many other lives. We have moved density for the group too. Just in case our own density wasn’t enough. Those who read my blog are those who will help show the way for the many who are just starting the process we have already moved through.

The guides had thoughts to share about integrating the energy from the summer solstice and the fall equinox. I will paraphrase and quote what they suggest.

The energy coming to you on the winter solstice will be a large packet of energy. (As we have released our density we are able to hold greater energy which is love and light. The introduction of this energy comes at various times. The focus here is on the solstices and equinoxes.) You can best integrate what will be transmitted by completing the integration of earlier transmissions the best you can.

How to do this? Relaxation, mediation, fun and joy!

Relaxation and mediation go nicely together because they are both ways of reconnecting with our essence. They also give us a chance to put our “to do list” down and engage energy in different ways.

Relaxation and meditation involve stepping back from your daily life. In stepping back you are not dropping your life, rather getting a different view of it. You change your perspective. So, that even though you may not let go of things, you will put them down for a moment. The moment of putting down your life, you let go of tension in your body. Your muscles begin to relax from all that you were carrying. Your energy actually changes. The shift in your energy allows a greater flow of energy in your body and further integration of the energy, love and light.

Fun is a great way to move through life. Find a smile in everything you do. When you find the smile, you move out of resistance and allow a greater flow of energy. Hence, greater integration. The bonus is that your smile can be a gift to someone. This creates a joyful exchange.

Joy is a state of being. Joy and love flow together. When joy is present in your life, you can allow a full flow of energy within your body. Like the smile which will bring joy, it allows you to connect with others and share joy. Joy increases with the sharing.

Choose to engage in one or more of these activities and you will find your integration moving with greater ease. Ease is where you are moving to. Struggle does not have to be part of your life. You always have the choice to choose it, but it is never your only option. Even in your darkest moment, there is a spark of light within you, find that glimmer of light, send it a smile and receive the love and light that returns to you!

Thanks for relaxing, meditating, having fun and being joyful! Lots of love and joy! Linda


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