My guides were talking about the now moment. Each moment we are new and stand ready to create your life moment by moment. Here is what they had to say:

Today we would like to talk to you about present time, the now or the now moment. It is called many things. The most important thing to know is that it is continually a new now moment. As long as you understand that each moment is totally new and you bring your awareness to that point in time you will be creating moment to moment.

When you let your mind wander out of the now moment into the future or past, you lose your ability to be the best creator you can be. Just as you watch your thoughts for things that you do not want to think about, you can watch your thoughts for wandering through your past or strolling into your future.

When you create, you create for the now moment. Even if you understand that the item or circumstance you create will happen at another point in time, you create it now. We are sure you have heard this many times, there is only one time, it is now.

A simple trick to be in the now moment is to ask that all your energy be in the same time and space as your body.  Your body is always in the now moment.

Thanks for being present in the now! Much love right NOW!! Linda


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