time to awaken


For many of us this has been a stressful time. My guides wrote the other day that we are is a seeming period of chaos and we are tasked with creating our world into a new way of being. To do this we need to awaken to all of who we are and choose the vibrations we want our world to have. They had these words of encouragement this morning.

We want you to know that you are held in the light of the Divine. This light is the light and love that you are. You, each, are held in this light and this light holds a constant reminder for you to look within and see that this Divine Light and Love are the very essence of who you are.

Hear this. Know this. Awaken to the light and love that you are.

Thanks for waking up! Much much love! Linda



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2 thoughts on “time to awaken

  1. carolwaywood says:

    Thank you Linda – I just love your posts and your photographs. Do you take the pictures yourself?

    XOX Carol


    • Thanks Carol! I have fun doing the posts and they help me a lot! I do the photographs or give credit for them. A lot of them have been done in our yard. This last one was done in the arboretum near here. I love flowers!!!

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