I had the pleasure of a channeling session with Natalie Gianelli and Dr. Peebles this week. It was a wonderful channeling session as always. This time was a little different, after Dr. Peebles had channel through for a while, Natalie began to consciously channel and talk about her own experiences with the group. Natalie spoke about her great joy in seeing the Divinity in all. Divinity not just each other but in the very chair you are sitting on.  This morning at the farmers market I had an aha moment; everything that is before my eyes (or under my bottom) is a joint venture between my desire and God’s gift of co-creating with us. Everything I was seeing was Divinity manifesting as a gift to me. I truly understood in that moment what it is to be grateful. Thanks for the nudge Natalie! and Thank you for reading! Much love Linda

ImageIn my very neighborhood we have a Gratitude Tree!

3 thoughts on “gratitude

  1. DougDoesLife says:

    This is a great idea…

  2. says:

    Great idea!!!

  3. Ginny Fleming says:

    Beautiful….with gratitude! Xo

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