heart’s peace


Peace can come in many shapes and ways. It comes in quiet stillness at dawn or the last light of the day. It comes when you look into a loved one’s eyes. It can come in nature. In so many ways peace is waiting for you. Become quiet and reach into your heart, find the peace that is there, embrace it and relax into peace! Thanks for relaxing! Much love Linda

One thought on “heart’s peace

  1. In using words to describe something much greater than your capacity to express; it might be considered a foreign language to an observer. Ahhh, but to the one who is bringing this abstract to a place that can be reflected upon time and time again; words will be used instead of a paintbrush to express this deluge of Love overflowing from the heart.
    Transported to another world where time is lost; seemingly as real as this one; or is it the other way around. * laughs* Looking back while there, I notice no longing to return abides, yet a knowingness I will. And when I come back, how do I speak of magical adventures, seen as whimsical dreams in the land of form; through Pieces of Love…

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