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I have a group of friend who I send an announcement to when there is a new blog. I usually make comments on the current energy or something that is going on in the world when I send out a blog announcement. A friend suggested that the little e-mail notes that go out are as helpful as the blog. So I decide to include my little e-notes from time to time. Here is the first.  As with all photos and text on this blog they are copyright protected. © 2012, 2013. Thanks for reading!

So do any of you have hats left??! Are you just holding down your hair as you are zooming along with all of us. It is hard to believe that we have had Halloween and are fast approaching Thanksgiving. Before we know it we will be getting ready for 4th of July!! What my life is in need of is a lot of peace! I asked my guides to talk to me about it and they gave me the blog that you will find below.

They had more to say too which I will share with you now. You will find peace in your lives in many ways.  We would suggest the easiest way is to find it through heart breathing. We have talked about this before in the blog. It is taking considered breaths into your heart center (center of your chest) and allowing the exhale to fill your body with a beautiful golden light.  With each breath you will fill with the love that is there for you bringing a quieting to your physical body. Then you will be able to look into your own heart and find the love that you are. This will bring you the most peace. 

You may be triggered into peace by things in your environment. This is a bit more unpredictable than using the breath to find peace. But we would suggest putting yourselves in a position to rest your eyes gently on things you love is a good way to move yourself into a peaceful place. You are opening your heart by viewing something you love and whenever you remember that you are love, you will come to your place of peace.

With that we remind you that there is only love and that you are only love.

I think they said it all, so I will say good night! Much love Linda

2 thoughts on “e-note 1

  1. Ginny Fleming says:

    Thank you LindaI agree with your friendthe announcement is always so meaningful.

  2. plfeeley@comcast.net says:

    Good night to you also

    I have a friend who writes poetry and sends it to me at work (along with many others)

    He sent one this week that immediately made me think of you

    I’ll forward it tomorrow!



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