more about change…

2014 Huntington DSC_8001a

This morning a group of guides who call themselves Helios talked about change. Here is what they had to say:

People fear change because it has been couched as stepping off into the unknown. When a person knows themselves, they recognize a part of who they are that is constant. So, within a changing life look for the constant it can be a small or simple pattern. It may adapt as changes arrive but it will be intrinsically the person experiencing the change. The core of a human never changes. The Divine cannot be anything but Divine. Thanks for reading! Much love!! Linda


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4 thoughts on “more about change…

  1. Deborah says:

    The Divine can be nothing but the Divine! Isn’t it grand?

  2. Tathina says:

    Awesome! I just wrote a blog about change. When we allow change, we begin to see what does not change. Change can guide us to what is real. Namaste’ ❤

  3. Definitely grand! Lots of love to you. Hope your summer is great!

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