1994 crocus

Today my angelic guides wrote to me about letting our old stories become part of our ancient history and move into an awakened person creating new stories from our Divine core.

We are here to remind each of you that at your core, you are Divine. Over that core of Divinity you have created stories and ideas about who you are. As this year progresses, many and perhaps all those ideas and beliefs will become part of a wondrous adventure story as you release your attachment to them and embrace the knowledge of your true identity.

We ask that each rest in the awareness of your story and the Divinity that you are. As you allow the story to come into alignment with the Divinity, you will move into a place of new expression. All the adventures that have been experienced will come to be understood and appreciated. Your Divine core will expand and if you release into that, you will add a new adventure to your experiences. The experience of awakening from the dreams that have been your lives and embracing the limitless possibilities present in your Divinity.

Thanks for waking up! Lots of love! Linda


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