I asked my guides for some thoughts on the upcoming solstice.  Here is what my Angelic Friends had to say:

The solstice is upon you. The energies are building toward the time of the solstice and a great burst of light will be made available to you all.

Your bodies are changing to accommodate more and more light. Look upon your physical upsets as your bodies’ way of opening to receive and hold that light. The density that you, each, are releasing has made the opportunity for your world to allow more light to enter and be held.

We are deeply grateful for your work and we are grateful for each of you. Your hearts are opening and your bodies are changing to allow the influx of light that will change your world. Know that we support each and every one of you. No matter what your circumstances are that you are in exactly the right place and that we love you deeply. Remember that there is love at the center of your being, a love that loves you beyond your most hopeful imaging. We love you!

I thought I would share this verbal hug with you. Never forget how deeply you are loved. Thanks for all your work! Much love, Linda

 PS.Nora Herold channeled the Pleiadeans on Dec. 6 and has made the webcast available ( They talk about the time we are in now and how we are using the light to wash away the darkness. Things look muddy now because the light, with our help, is doing some heavy lifting to clean deeply embedded density in the world. The link is above, you might want to get it and listen to what they have to say.

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