grounding yet again!

dsc_2097aI have written about grounding over the years. For those of you new to me, grounding is the connection that you have between yourself and the center of the earth. We also ground into the center of the universe but for now we will talk about your earth grounding. This connection to the earth helps you to handle energy that you receive into your body. It will work like a lightning rod transferring excess energies into the earth and not overloading your bodies circuits! Grounding helps you to connect more deeply with your physical body. It is the best for those spacy days as it anchors you into your physical form. This anchoring is also helpful in the integration of your Higher Self into your physical form. This morning my guides suggested another really nice benefit from grounding:

Grounding is important for all the reasons you are aware of and more! The more is the action that happens between you and the earth when you ground. As you know, you are part of the earth and the earth is part of you. This is the same connection you have with all consciousness not the least being your connection with Divinity.

Each time you ground into the center of the earth, the earth’s very heart, you are affirming your connection to the earth and reminding yourself of all your connections including that connection with the Divine!

There are clues in your world that point to your Divine connection. You did not help to create the third dimensional world without glimpses of hope and reminders of who you are placed where you would find them. The reminders are working to stir the memory of your Divine connection. Stay awake and see if you can find other reminders that are there for you.

Keep grounding and looking for more clues to your Divinity! Much love, Linda

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