joyful solstice!


I am a little late with my guides’ message. On the eve of the solstice Helios channeled through and wrote this for me and you!

The energy here is to support each of you in stepping into the fullness of who you always have been. We have been stating that you, each, are love incarnate for many years. You are now stepping into an energy that will assist you to recognize yourself in that embodiment and embrace yourself.

We wish you joy on this solstice. It is with joy that you will be able to embrace the whole of your being and it is with joy that you will find the peace of your heart and step forward into your new expression with that joy and peace. Bring it to a world that is deeply longing for those vibrations.

We leave you today with this knowledge. Allow it to become your knowing and allow the expression of you, each, to blossom into the world!

Thanks for recognizing yourself as the love and light that you are! Thanks for bringing your peace and love to the world! Much much love, Linda


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2 thoughts on “joyful solstice!

  1. Zane Maser says:

    Thank you so much, Linda, for this lovely Solstice message, the gorgeous white flowers, and the beauty that you are. You make our world a whole lot brighter! Love you,

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