solstice – e-note 11


I have been working with two new groups who are associated with the Sun. I call them Sol – Ra and they are agreeable with that name. This morning they gave me the following on the Solstice.  We have been experiencing the solstice energy for a few weeks and it has been building. Here is what they have to say:

Each solstice from here on will present material to bring people more deeply into themselves and to uncover a bit more of their true or Divine identity. The energy that people may choose to engage will lead them through the process of remembering their Divinity step by step.

 The intellectual knowledge of ones Divinity has been around for a while and many have embraced and now espouse that idea. We are stepping those who choose into the heart knowledge of your Divinity. The head – or mind of the 3rd dimension will be the entry point. The knowledge in the form of light (love) will enter through the 3rd dimensional mind. It will be too intense for the 3d mind to handle forcing the 3d mind to drop the light into their heart or reject it completely. (Dualistic/free will universe) Those who are becoming awakened beings may choose consciously to drop the incoming light information into their heart centers consciously and assimilate it from there.

 Relaxation for the body and mind are helpful and important for this process. Allow yourself to choose to move deeper into your love and then give yourself relaxing times over the next 5 to 6 days.

 We bid you peace and love. We are Sol – Ra.

 My take on what they are saying is once the intention to open to this energy and allow it to move to your heart center is set, the energy will move you through the process without having to “do” anything.  It is an act of receiving through your heart. Thanks for reading! Much love Linda


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