celebrate your light!

We have the Equinox this week! The change between summer and fall in the northern hemisphere and winter and spring in the southern hemisphere. A time of change marked by the changing of the light in your area. We are also seeing a change in our personal light. Our light is increasing. We are now asked to have our light shining more and more brightly. Shining it and touching the world, reminding us we are light and love. Reminding us that we have the choice to express that love always! Expressing through our hearts and filling us full of JOY!  My guides remind me that:

Joy is the frequency that opens the heart to allowing the love to flow into the world as light!

Celebrate the change in season! Celebrate your light! I send you much love, joy and celebrate our light! Linda

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best friends


Friends are those you discover and choose to love. Become your own best friend and find all the wonderful things there are to love about you! Thanks for reading! Much love Linda

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e-note 15

The fall equinox is this coming week. I have felt the energy encouraging us to be more aware of our Divinity on yet a deeper level.  I asked the guides to comment on the equinox and here is what they had to say.

The equinox is a time of change. You change from a moment of balanced day and night into a longer, for the fall equinox, night. The change is fluid. Your lives are filled with change now. Let yourselves flow with the changes. The changes are bringing you an energetic expansion. This expansion is bringing you into a greater understanding of your love and that that love is your Divinity. Let yourself embrace the Divine that you are and fill your day and night with love! Our blessings to each of you, we are Sol and Ra.