The days are starting to grow longer as the solstice has marked the increase of light to this part of the world. The light that shines forth for you is an out pouring of love and is here to support you. Receive the gift of that light; it is who you are.  Receive the love into your hearts as a gift to yourself. Fill with love and let it bring you peace. Thanks for receiving! Much love and the joy of the season! Linda

healing begins

ImageHealing begins when you begin to awaken to your Divinity. This doesn’t have to be a sudden awakening from your sleep. It can be a slow stretching and gently coming into fuller and fuller consciousness. In this awakening you will probably not need that morning cup of coffee to propel you into action. The spark of self memory will act as that cup of coffee and the thirst you didn’t know you had for your true identity will thrust you into action. Thanks for reading! Much love!! Linda


Remy 2000 IMG0091aWhen we relax we open to the Universe. It is as if we open your arms to receive all the Universe has to give us. The Universe gives to us in so many ways. Love and light pour through us, filling us. How many ways are we able to receive? Breathe gently and relax, receive the abundance of the Universe, celebrate all the Universe has to give and the fullness of who we are! Thanks for reading. Much love, Linda

helen’s angels

I had the pleasure of spending some time with my friend, Helen, this weekend. At 90 something she is curious, thoughtful and wise. She told me how her angels help her find ways to work with her body’s limitations. Her wisdom is in asking for their help and also in receiving their help.  We often remember to ask for our angels and guides to help us but how often do we remember to allow ourselves to receive their help.  I thank Helen and her angels for that reminder! Thanks for reading! Linda