walking with friends!!


March has several energy events, a solar eclipse, the spring equinox and a lunar eclipse. The energy is moving quickly. Many of you are letting go of deep seated beliefs and fears. You are allowing the light that you are to inhabit more of your body. You are sharing more of your light, who you are, with the world. It is time to let your light shine even more for it is no small light. Allow the light and love that you are to be a presence in the world.

Yesterday my guides wrote:

Be aware that you do not walk alone. The unseen teachers, guides, angels and multitudes of helpers and friends stand and walk with you. Receive their blessings and ours as well that you may know the light, love and beauty that you are.

Thank you for opening to receive and allowing more of you to shine! Much love, Linda


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I am excited! We are standing on the edge of an eclipse and the spring equinox! Each solstice for the past several years has awakened us to more and more information about ourselves. The equinox signals a time to engage that information and express ourselves in the world. So here we are bursting with new understanding of ourselves ready to bring it into the world!

I think of spring and joy in the same moment. Here is a little something my guides and angels wrote about joy.

Joy acts as an usher to the awareness and experience of the love you seek!

Thanks for being Joyful! Lots of love and JOY! Linda

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spirit speaks

England 1977 Image42a

Spirit speaks to us all the time. I was out walking the other evening and a big truck with a picture of the earth on its side zoomed by.  The name on the truck was “New World Van Lines”, a moving van.  It gave me a chuckle! What a nice reminder from spirit that we can experience our world differently now.  It is fun when we listen for spirit! Sometimes it is easy to figure out and sometimes not. Thanks for reading! Much Love Linda