fiber optics

2014 DSC_5068aThink of yourself as a fiber optic cable with Divine Love and Light being your source. At the end of the cable we have you! You have dressed your end of the cable up in many add-on ideas about who and what you are but at your core, you are now and always the Love and Light of Divinity. Let your Light shine! Thanks for shining! Much love Linda

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I am working my way through Panache Desai’s Discovering Your Soul Signature. It is a wonderful book bring to your awareness many things that are helpful to look at. I highly recommend it. One of his chapters is titled Harmony, I think it might also have been called Balance. A Libra (that would be me) is always looking for balance. As we become more light and fluid, it is a choice to respond to the world around us and it is a choice to move back into our balance. Become aware of your body talking to you. Learn to feel where the relaxed parts are and where the tense parts are. Allow the flowing light that you are to go into the tense spots and relax them. This is choosing to allow your energy to bring you into balance. When you are in balance within yourself,  you are in balance, and harmony, with the world around you. Much love, light and harmony to each of you! Linda


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I had the pleasure of a channeling session with Natalie Gianelli and Dr. Peebles this week. It was a wonderful channeling session as always. This time was a little different, after Dr. Peebles had channel through for a while, Natalie began to consciously channel and talk about her own experiences with the group. Natalie spoke about her great joy in seeing the Divinity in all. Divinity not just each other but in the very chair you are sitting on.  This morning at the farmers market I had an aha moment; everything that is before my eyes (or under my bottom) is a joint venture between my desire and God’s gift of co-creating with us. Everything I was seeing was Divinity manifesting as a gift to me. I truly understood in that moment what it is to be grateful. Thanks for the nudge Natalie! and Thank you for reading! Much love Linda

ImageIn my very neighborhood we have a Gratitude Tree!