Christmas Angel

Angels watch over us all the time. Most of us get into enough trouble that it is really nice that they have our backs! So this evening when Angels watch over the birth of a baby who would show the world how to love, feel the love the Angels have for us all. That love is a reflection of your love. Take a quiet moment to feel the love that you are. Rejoice with the Angels at the Divine birth within your heart. Thanks for loving! Merry Christmas!! Much love Linda


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Today my guides and angels gave me this message:

The Solstice is a reminder to human kind that just as light may seem to lessen, it is never extinguished and always shines brightly when called upon.

Remember that you are light and will always shine. Let this season bring your light out in full brightness. Let your love and light shine into the world! Much love and thanks for shining! Linda

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e-note 16

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Many of you may be feeling the intensity of the energy of late! We are building to the winter solstice in December. A while ago my guides suggested that this solstice was of equal or more importance than the 2012 winter solstice. The 2012 solstice imparted a large amount of information about human kind and its place in the Universe. This solstice is going (it has already started by the way) to make available more information about your true nature.

I have been telling you for a while that you are Divine. Each and every one of you, even those who don’t read this kind of stuff. It has been an intellectual exercise. The information is now moving from the head mind into the heart mind. With this movement and understand comes a recognition of this information on a level that is deep and very personal.

As the emotions arise around the information coming to you, be kind and accepting of yourself. Honor your feelings. This is a time for receiving yourself, your deep Divine self. This self has never left you and you are awakening again to its presence.

My guides wanted to say a few words:

We send you our love and blessing. You are on an amazing journey and we, as well as your own guides, totally support you in this process. Be patient with your changes. You will change as is appropriate for you as spirit and your physical body. We will tell you there will be great JOY for you and for all of us when you awaken to the whole of you! Many blessings, much joy and lots of love!

From me as well. Lots of Joy and Love and Wonder! Linda

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angels of your heart

2014-07-20 13.40.57a

Angels are a part of creation, just as you are. In every heart there is an angel that waits for you to remember them. Sink into your heart and embrace the angel that awaits you there.  Thanks for reading! Much love Linda

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The re-awakening of human-kind will come in the quiet stillness of their hearts. As each of you feel the warmth of the sun touch you, it will herald a new moment. A moment in which you will understand that the warmth, light, love that has quietly rested in the background of who you are is emerging. Re-awaken to that love within you.

This is what you are about. There is no greater gift to yourself or the earth than the act of giving and receiving love. A simple act that alights the whole of life. For love is life and life cannot be without the love that animates it. Thanks for waking up! Much love Linda


e-note 12

When you are aware of the love inside of you that is ready to emerge, just allow. There is nothing you have to do, no where you need to be, there is only the need for you to be.

When you just “be”, you allow love to animate you and move you through life. This is when things can become very interesting. For you will still have wishes and desires and these will be met and filled with love. As you open more to love, your wishes and desires will be filled. You will open a door and allow the love to come in and fill you.

You say how can this be? We say you are a creator being, a creator being does its work as part of a team. You are a driver of a team of beings who are here to help for fill your creations just as you are part of a team that helps to fill other’s creations.

Creation has several moments. Sometimes they are strung close together and sometimes miles apart. There is the initial spark that lights a desire for or to do something. Then there is a period of gestation when the flame is coaxed into a flame and creation starts an internal structure. This is when the rest of the team begins its work. The structures is taken and the fluffing or fleshing out happens until the creation is whole and ready to be birthed. The act of bringing the creation into the world is again a joint venture the creator and the team move the creation into matter. Then celebrate their creation joyfully.

The light and love and joy that are coming more and more into the world now are so there can be a heart opening. An opening in each human heart. Each heart has within it the capacity to love beyond human measure. This is foretold by the Christ story. This man, a human, who opened to his heart deeply and allowed his divine nature to shine through. This is an ability that each human on earth is being asked to emulate. The miraculous transformation that awaits each of you will amaze and delight you.

The desire for this opening was set before you entered physical form. You have laid the ground work, you have built the structure. We are now holding you and please allow us to help with our part. This is where we hold you and add to creation. Then await the birth, the birth of the Christ within your heart; within each heart of humanity. Birthing humanity into one heart.


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shining star

France and England 1995 Image180a

As a child of the Divine the wholeness of life is where you rest. You are never alone. You are never without resources. You are always a bright shining star, a reflection of Divinity. Thanks for shining! Much love Linda


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fiber optics

2014 DSC_5068aThink of yourself as a fiber optic cable with Divine Love and Light being your source. At the end of the cable we have you! You have dressed your end of the cable up in many add-on ideas about who and what you are but at your core, you are now and always the Love and Light of Divinity. Let your Light shine! Thanks for shining! Much love Linda

e-note 8

I am working my way through Panache Desai’s Discovering Your Soul Signature. It is a wonderful book bring to your awareness many things that are helpful to look at. I highly recommend it. One of his chapters is titled Harmony, I think it might also have been called Balance. A Libra (that would be me) is always looking for balance. As we become more light and fluid, it is a choice to respond to the world around us and it is a choice to move back into our balance. Become aware of your body talking to you. Learn to feel where the relaxed parts are and where the tense parts are. Allow the flowing light that you are to go into the tense spots and relax them. This is choosing to allow your energy to bring you into balance. When you are in balance within yourself,  you are in balance, and harmony, with the world around you. Much love, light and harmony to each of you! Linda


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e-note 6


A few weeks ago Jennifer McLean (Healing with the Masters) had Rikka Zimmerman on her webcast. They are always spectacular together and that day was no different. Rikka introduced a short exercise in which she had us look at one of our hands and talk to the hand, telling it: You are love, you are love, you are love! You are light, you are light, you are light! You are infinite possibilities, you are infinite possibilities, you are infinite possibilities! She suggested that it might be repeated several times to awaken (in that case our hand) what you were informing.
I was taken by this exercise and tried it on myself and will tell you it works! The energy shifts amazingly. I was writing with my guides this morning and I asked about it the statements. They had the following comment:
Creation works on a pulse. Just as the heart beat is the pulse of a person. The Universe has a heartbeat which is the pulse of creation.
A pulse has three parts. It has the actual pulse, it has the rest, and it has the gathering before the pulse. This is the principle of three. Three is a model of creation. When things are done in threes, they are reminding all humankind of the Creative Force. The three also invites the Creative Force consciously into the equation and enhances the activity. This is part of the reason that “you are love, you are light, you are infinite possibilities”* is so powerful. It is a wakeup call to that which is looked upon and it is a direct access for that which is looked upon to Divinity.
It is good to use this statement now because there are elements within the human form that are poised to awaken. The primary awakening being the remembrance that you are love. This statement will activate that and other memories within those who say it for both themselves and others.
Consciousness is opening to part of itself that has been closed off for the third dimensional experience. The re-opening of consciousness is a wondrous thing and it does indeed make for infinite possibilities.
So tomorrow morning when you look in the mirror tell yourself who you are:
You are love, you are love, you are love! You are light, you are light, you are light! You are infinite possibilities, you are infinite possibilities, you are infinite possibilities!

Much Love, Light and Joy! Linda



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